6 Reasons to Buy a HomeLift

Buying a home lift can be a big decision, and make a huge difference to your home life. Take a look at our top 6 reasons to buy a home lift and see how we can help with day to day life!

A Gartec home lift takes just 2-3 days to install, and is fully electrical, so we’re in and out in a flash to give you all the great benefits of a lift at home.

1: Futureproof

Futureproofing your home means you can stay in it forever. If you are building your own home, or have a larger property that you will want to stay in, a home lift can give you freedom to do so in the future. Whether it is age, or unexpected injury, having a lift installed at home means you are ready to go as soon as you need it.

2: Safety (stairs)

Stairs are notorious for causing accidents! There is an accident on the stairs every 90 seconds in the UK, and though many aren’t fatal, a home lift could certainly help. Although we all have to have stairs in our homes and buildings, you could prevent dangerous accidents on the stairs by installing and using a home lift. For example, carrying something heavy downstairs could cause a slip, so a lift is safer!

3: Easy Living

Making life at home easier is simple when you buy a home lift. From the vacuum to furniture, suitcases to buggies, you can carry all sorts of things. No more manual handling required. Home Lifts are also designed with family life in mind, so they are child safe, and have locking systems to restrict usage.

4: For Elderly and Disabled Use

If you are elderly, less able or disabled -or have family or friends who are – you may find the stairs challenging. Buying a home lift means that you, and any visitors, can be comfortable at home, and you won’t need to worry if you don’t  have a downstairs toilet or bedroom.

5: Make a Statement

A home lift can be a real feature in a home or room. Create a stunning standout design with glass, coloured panels, and of course any bespoke art work you may want. We’ve seen some stunners – including a fantastic idea of adding vinyl stickers of local skylines to the rear wall of the lift so it can be seen through the glass doors when waiting!

6: Add Some Value

A home lift means your home is accessible. When it comes to selling a home, you are opening your home up to other markets, where the disabled or less able can move in without expensive renovations. It is also a great feature for a home and makes a unique selling point. This will add value to your property and means you can squeeze a few extra pennies out of the sale!