Top 5 Ways to Keep Home Elevators Clean

Maintaining home elevators is vital to keep them in top condition. Your home elevator will be more hygienic, have a longer lifetime and be more reliable, making your investment last longer.

Take a short time each week to give your home lift a clean. Use the tips below for any type of home elevator, not just our fabulous Gartec Home Lifts!


Home Elevator Cleaning: Controls, Railings and Handles

Generally your home elevator control panel, railings, handles and similar ‘touch points’ will become dirty and sticky from being touched. Apart from being unhygienic (especially with pets or children around), dirt can clog the controls and stop your home elevator from working properly.

Give these areas a quick wipe over with a cloth and some disinfectant spray once a week.


Home Elevator Cleaning: Glass and Surfaces

Whether your home elevator is made from glass, plastic, metal or other materials, the surfaces will need to be wiped at least once a month. This prevents any dirt from jamming or trapping your home elevator, and helps keep the overall appearance nice.

Glass home elevators will need to be wiped with standard glass cleaner and a soft cloth, and those with metal, plastic or other panels just need a wipe with a disinfectant cleaner.


Home Elevator Cleaning: Floors

The floor area of your home elevator is just the part where your feet or wheelchair wheels touch. This goes without saying – use a floor cleaner that is suitable for the material as all sorts of dirt and germs will be carried through on shoes and wheels from outside, and be carried around your house.

Carpets will need vacuuming and occasional (annual) deep cleaning, and rubber or vinyl flooring just needs a wash with a strong disinfectant or diluted bleach.


Home Elevator Cleaning: Doorways and Entrances

As with any doorway or walkway, make sure the entrance points to your home elevator are clear and clean. Blocking entrances can prevent use of the lift, especially for wheelchair users. Any spillages or dirt can cause injury to people coming out of the lift too – for example, slipping over on a wet patch.

Any time you pass the entrances, have a quick check and move anything that will block the path. If there is dirt or spillages, clean these up as soon as possible.


Home Elevator Cleaning: What do Gartec Do?

With all Gartec elevators you get a years’ servicing for free – brilliant! In these servicing visits, the Gartec team make sure your whole lift is operating correctly, and also ensure it is clean and free of dirt giving you peace of mind.