What is a smart home, and how does a smart lift fit into one?

The concept behind the smart home is the idea of automating certain systems to make life easier. Smart technology is designed to give us greater control and introduce ease where there might previously have been a process that was annoying or inconvenient. As well as control, the connected network in a smart home give consumers greater powers of monitoring, whether that’s keeping an eye on electricity usage or making sure dangerous appliances are switched off.


The official definition

In 2003 the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) produced the following definition of a smart home: “A dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed.” This provides us with a good basis for what a smart home can do, although this continues to evolve as the technology develops.


How could a smart home work for you?

Convenience is one of the biggest reasons that smart homes appeal. The ability to access essential systems, such as heating and cooling, music and multimedia – wherever you are – puts control over many of the devices in your home at your fingertips. The additional element of security also appeals to many, as with a smart home, cameras and video sensors and fingerprint IDs can make any property feel more secure. Home automation makes everything more accessible, whether you’re looking to be able to control door locks from your laptop or set timers for heating and hot water from the office. Smart homes are also a great step forward in energy efficiency, helping to reduce environmental impact. Finally, a smart home is incredibly appealing to buyers so, for those looking to create a more marketable property, smart features are a win-win.


Smart Lift

A Smart Lift is a perfect example of the way that smart homes and modern tech are combining to make life easier and more efficient. This Aritco HomeLift is the world’s first connected home lift, controlled via a smartphone app that allows changes to be made to features such as lighting. The list also sends data about when the lift might need maintenance to prevent any problems before they arise, giving complete control and a deeper degree of insight relating to workings of the lift. Combined with this, the SmartLift also provides incredible benefits of accessibility and convenience of having a home lift installed. Smart homes are increasingly likely to become the norm and features such as the SmartLift make properties easier to use, ready for the future and, of course, help add value. Soon, a smart home won’t be complete without one.