A Useful Moving Home Checklist

Moving house is up there with the most stressful activities in life. Anything that can make it a little easier will help to relieve the pressure. With this in mind, here at Gartec we’ve put together a list of things to remember as a moving house checklist so you can focus on the big stuff without forgetting the little bits!


Moving Home Checklist: A Month Before

  • Begin to pack and organise any non-essential items – remember to label the boxes clearly!
  • Organise large furniture plans – and chuck anything you aren’t taking
  • Compare and book removals companies or a large van. Try to compare local quotes, and make sure any companies are part of the British Association of Removers
  • Find or purchase boxes if needed (supermarkets are a great source of free boxes)
  • Book time off work for the move
  • Book any storage units if required
  • Inform landlord or property owners of your plans if renting
  • Book any hotels or accommodation needed if there is a gap


Moving Home Checklist: 1-2 Weeks Before

  • Set up mail forwarding with the Royal Mail (this can take up to 10 days)
  • Start to notify relevant companies (see list below)
  • Ask friends and family to help on the day
  • Thoroughly clean the house
  • Organise and send new address cards for friends and family
  • Organise child- and pet care for the day if needed
  • Dis-assemble any furniture you don’t need just now where possible


Moving Home Checklist: A Few Days Before

  • Defrost your Freezer
  • Label items and keys for the new residents
  • Gather some lightbulbs and keep them to hand
  • Finalise arrangements with removals companies
  • Organise collecting the new keys from the estate or letting agent
  • Cancel or change any direct debits for the old house


Moving Home Checklist: The Day of the Move

  • Take meter readings for gas, electric and water from your old house AND new house (snap on your phone is quick and easy)
  • Do a final scan for any forgotten bits, open windows or lights left on
  • Put together a small bag with essentials – bread, milk, tea, coffee and sugar – to keep you refreshed when you arrive
  • Pack cleaning supplies last – you might want to give your new place a clean before unpacking
  • Do a last minute hoover of the old place once the van is packed up


The First Day at your New Home

  • Make sure there is no damage on items if using a removals company
  • Take meter readings
  • Put down squashed boxes to protect carpets
  • Change the locks
  • Pay any stamp duty or other charges
  • Contact and organise new utilities
  • Register with local medical services
  • Say hi to the neighbours!


Which Companies to Notify when Moving House

Remember you will need to inform various companies about moving house. Make sure you get evidence of the notification – by email is the easiest way.

  • Council tax
  • Utilities providers
  • Banks, Building Societies, Credit Cards and
  • DVLA
  • Update and send off your V5C (Vehicle Registration)
  • HMRC (formerly Inland Revenue)
  • Pension provider
  • Register to Vote
  • TV License and any TV Providers
  • Broadband
  • Post Office (including the paid mail forwarding service)
  • Insurance companies (home, car, contents, life etc)
  • Breakdown cover provider
  • Your employer
  • Vet
  • Doctor, Dentist and Optician
  • Phone provider
  • Any subscriptions, such as magazines, milk or newspapers
  • Loyalty cards
  • Library and current educational institutes