Autumnal Inspiration: How to Update Your Interiors this Autumn

New seasons are always a good time for change and autumn in particular can be full of inspiration. The leaves are turning, the children are back to school and everything takes on a fresher feeling. Make your home a cosy sanctuary with a few simple autumnal inspiration ideas.


Wallpaper and Paint

Taking its queue from nature, the colour trend for this autumn is forecast to be blue and grey tones with darker blues woven in to add a little depth. When choosing your paint and wallpaper, think about which tones will work best with the spaces you are decorating.


Stronger, darker colours and busy patterns are often best kept on a smaller scale. So consider opting for the lighter hues for the majority of surface coverage and saving the patterns and darker tones for accent walls and accessories. Ceilings in particular are better suited to being white or close-to.


Soft Furnishings 

Once your walls and ceiling are finished it’s time to soften things up with some furnishings. Soft furnishings are literally anything fabric – so curtains, rugs, cushions and throws etc. They are also an instant way to spruce up a room.


The trend for this autumn is to compliment the walls with more neutral tones, namely greys and whites with an emphasis on texture. Thick cable-knit cushions with big buttons, super soft blankets and throws and woven rugs are a fantastic way to create depth and warmth even with paler colours.


As the days start to shorten you can make the most of your curtains being closed by turning them into a feature – much like a fourth wall. Opt for heavier, lined fabrics that provide good insulation without being too overbearing. Look for material that incorporates the room’s colour scheme, including the accent colours.


Whichever kind of fire you have, make it a central point of the room and arrange the seating around it. Not only will things feel a lot cosier, it means everyone will benefit from the heat when the fire is in use.


If you have an open fire or wood burner, stock up on supplies and turn these into a feature as well. For example, stacking logs on the hearth and using a wicker basket or coal bucket to store old newspapers and kindling.