Colour Trends To Watch This Summer

As the seasons change, so do the colours that are the most popular when it comes to creating the coolest interiors. From the deeper, richer shades of autumn and winter, when it comes to the warmer months of the year we tend to gravitate towards lighter shades and more exotic and adventurous looks. Colour plays such an important role in our appreciation of our interiors that it’s always worth investing in creating something bespoke that you love, from the new Gartec HomeLift – which allows you to choose different colours to match your style – to walls, ceilings and floors that bring your colour appreciation alive. If you’re planning to update your interiors this summer then here are a few of the hottest colour trends around.


It’s bright, it’s juicy and it’s summer in a paint pot – if you’re looking for real statement style this summer season then orange is the colour to choose. The hot shade for 2016 is a retro orange – think 1960s and 1970s styled furniture or bold orange walls. Just remember that orange works well against plain shades like white, grey or black so balance it out with toned down pieces.


Every year when the sun starts to shine we tend to feel the need to overhaul to all things pastel but this year it’s the subtler shades that are getting the most attention. Steer clear of the sugary yellow and green pastels and instead experiment with a soft grey and a blush pink, washed out blues and creamier hues. Choose one pastel shade that you love and stick to it, as too many pastels can end up feeling too sweet.

Moss green

Known for its calming qualities – and a bold contemporary choice for a newborn baby’s room – green is a colour that remains popular year after year, thanks to its versatility and the fact that it’s easy to match. This summer the shade to try is moss green – from the walls of your HomeLift, to the carpets in the bedroom and the soft furnishings in the lounge, this quiet shade will bring some much needed cool during the hotter months.


Luxury is a trend that never really ebbs and this summer it is being expressed via the using of metallic colours, from gold and silver through to copper and rust. The more opulent your design scheme, the more flamboyant the metallics should be – these shades are ideal for a sumptuous living room or boudoir style bedroom.