Inject shabby chic style into your home

Shabby chic interiors is one of those themes that just never goes away. Stylish, versatile and with that hint of vintage it’s an easy way to make a space look fresher, brighter and to make it more personal. Shabby chic isn’t a particularly difficult style to get right – here are a few tips on how to do it.


Vintage finds

Vintage furniture and accessories provide the basis for many a shabby chic look and don’t have to cost a fortune. Steer clear of the ‘new vintage’ lines that are simply new pieces designed to look vintage and instead spend a bit of time finding the real thing. Ebay, Gumtree, Preloved and Etsy are all great places to browse, as are local flea markets and car boot sales.


Making the old look like new

If your vintage purchases are really much too shabby to be chic then you can easily give them a makeover that will bring them into line with this soft and stylish aesthetic. For example, if you have wood that has seen better days then sand it down and paint over it with a fresh white or cream shade.


Getting the colour palette right

The shabby chic look is very much based around those vintage woods, furniture painted white and a variety of shades of pastel colors such as sugar pink and baby blue. Steer clear of any colours that are too primary, such as red and a very bold blue. Prints should be pretty, washed out and floral, and woods should be natural and untreated.



Shabby chic is a trends that is very textural – from the raw wood through to the wealth of pretty printed cushions that tend to accompany the look. To give your shabby chic the 3D treatment, incorporate faux furs, velvets and ruching, embroidering and crocheting, whether on sofas, cushions or curtains.



If you can run to an antique chandelier then this is the ultimate shabby chic lighting accessory. Choose something with plenty of dangling glass or crystal that will catch the light and reflect it back around the room. Wrought iron and brass make particularly good choices for the structure. If you find a vintage piece and it’s missing some of its sparkle then it’s often very easy to find replacements online.


The details

The most fun element of creating a shabby chic space is the tiny details that really deliver personality. Lace tablecloths, colourful carnival glass, cake stands, antique picture frames and mirrors, fireguards and candlesticks can all give a room that authentically shabby chic feel.