Top 8 Easy Home Improvements for Winter

Improving your home in time for Winter doesn’t have to break the bank or eat up all your weekends! Take a look at our Top 10 easy Home Improvements for Winter and see if you can be ready for all the festive guests.

1. Paint

Giving a room in your home a lick of paint can freshen up the look and create a bright and inviting environment. Warm your room up first with the heating to make the paint dry evenly and quickly.

2. Rugs

If you have laminate or wood flooring, it can be a little chilly in Winter. Why not add a stylish rug to match your decor and warm up your rooms? Simple!

3. Door Handles

A quick update to door handles can really change the look of a room. Tired, dirty or old-fashioned handles can be quickly replaced with a new, modern style.

4. Grout

Cleaning the grout between bathroom tiles can make a massive difference! Over time, grout gets mouldy and dirty, so giving it a scrub with a toothbrush and bleach (or one of these genius grout pens!) is a great job to do ready for Winter.

5. Curtains

Curtains are not only to give privacy and block out light, but also provide great insulation. Upgrade your curtains to improve warmth this Winter and see if you can save on your energy bills.

6. Lighting

A warm and cosy room is partly created with great lighting. Make sure your living spaces have a range of lighting, including task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting. Task lighting should be bright, with bulbs around 5000-6500K. Accent and ambient lighting should be soft and warm, around 2700K is very soft, ideal for ambient lighting, and slightly brighter 4100K is more suitable for accent lighting.

7. Back Splashes

Add a quick and easy backsplash to your kitchen hob or bathroom! Fast upgrades could be glass or plastic options, whilst you can opt for tiles to give a more classic feel. This will take a tad longer to fit though, and you may be able to find a pre-assembled sheet of tiles to make your home improvements for winter quicker.

8. Insulation

The final home improvement for winter we recommend is loft insulation. This could save on energy bills and create a warm and cosy environment at home in the colder months. Go into your loft and see if there is any fitted already – you can tell by whether the joists are visible and if there is insulation material in there already. You could even upgrade for a thicker, warmer insulation if there is already some there.

Read an expert guide on insulation before you begin as this can be a bigger job, and knowing the materials and process is vital to make sure you don’t end up with a hole in the ceiling, or the wrong kind of material!

9. Home Lift

We’ve added a bonus number 9 in our easy home improvements for Winter – a home lift! (well, we had to squeeze it in somewhere). Make life simple for less able visitors, or just treat yourself to some stylish home tech with a Gartec Home Lift. Match your home style and get accessible for Winter!