How to Choose Between LOLER Testing Companies

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (more often initialised as ‘LOLER’) are a list of standards required, by law, for all businesses and individuals who own or operate lifting equipment.

But with so many LOLER testing companies out there, each providing certification through their own, individual processes, it can be difficult to decide which to side with for your passenger lifts.

In this guide, we will explore how LOLER testing companies operate and what to look out for when choosing your own provider.

What Do LOLER Testing Companies Do?

LOLER testing companies specialise in the examination of lifting equipment, in line with various health and safety regulations in the UK. When it comes to passenger lifts, LOLER guidelines suggest that the model in question should be:

  • Strong enough for its intended purpose and stable during use.
  • Appropriately marked with all relevant information regarding safe use.
  • Installed and positioned in a way that aligns with LOLER legislation.

Among other, more detailed guidelines it is vital that all passenger-carrying lifts are used safely, and all operations are well-planned and carried out by a competent person. The subsequent report will detail any and all defects or problems that have been noted by the assessor, along with helpful advice on how to address these issues moving forward.

The report will also mention if the equipment meets all the required standards and which restrictions may have to be put in place before its use.

Who Can Be a ‘Competent Person’ and What Is Their Role?

When we say the initial assessment should be carried out by a ‘competent person’, we mean someone who is impartial and who possesses a strong understanding when it comes to identifying issues in the lifting equipment in question. This includes not only theoretical knowledge but also first-hand experience.

The person who conducts routine maintenance on the equipment would not be an appropriate choice for a competent person, as they will likely be required to assess their own work.

Once the competent person has made their assessment, this is filed and sent off to the LOLER testing body of your choice, and a report with follow once the information has been reviewed.

Do You Need LOLER Certification?

If you provide lifting equipment for people, in any setting both residential and commercial, then that lift should be LOLER tested and assessed every six months. Within this time, daily testing should be carried out to make sure the equipment continues to be safe to use before the next assessment takes place.

How to Choose the Right LOLER Testing Company

When deciding between LOLER testing companies, there are a few key factors to consider. The company you choose should be credible and competent, as they will be assessing the safety of your equipment and, in turn, preventing harm to those who operate it.

  • Accreditation: The company you choose should be accredited by a reputable body such as the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This will ensure that the service you receive is trustworthy and compliant in itself.
  • Experience: Long-standing companies that specialise in the assessment of lifting equipment should be high on your list. This includes those that demonstrate relevant qualifications, especially in regard to the competent personnel they provide.
  • Reputation: A positive track record should weigh in when deciding on a LOLER testing company. Checking online testimonials and reviews from past clients can help to sway your decision towards the right provider or service.
  • Pricing: We recommend gathering quotes from several providers and comparing the prices to gauge what will work with your budget.

How We Can Help With LOLER Testing

When you purchase lifting equipment from Gartec, you immediately gain access to our servicing packages, which include LOLER testing. We have several tiers which cover both residential and commercial services, including general maintenance and regular checks.

LOLER inspections and certifications are available through all tiers, and can be added or deducted from your own personal plan, depending on your needs. No matter the scale and budget of your project, our servicing packages are affordable and complete. Save yourself the time and monetary expense of managing multiple third-party services, and gather everything you need in one place, from lift experts you can trust.