Make Your Home Accessible When Living With Arthritis

Arthritis affects more than 10 million people in the UK alone. It can be painful and frustrating to live with, but there are many small changes that can be made to make your home safer and more comfortable. Here are a few suggestions to get you started to make your home accessible:


Avoid Bending Down

It may sound easier said than done, but there are many simple things you can do to prevent having to bend down unnecessarily. For example: fixing a basket to the inside of your letterbox; rearranging the contents of your cupboards for better access; using a reaching stick or pick-up stick.


Prevent Trips and Falls

Loose mats and badly fitted carpets are trip hazards for anyone, but more so if you are less steady on your feet. Either remove them or fix them down securely. Stairs and hallways are better navigated when lit well, and are certainly a lot safer with a second banister. Try a bit of feng shui in each room – move the furniture to create more space and increase access where you most need it.


Get to Grips with Gadgets

There are so many gadgets out there, specially designed for people with limited mobility. Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference, like fitting tap turners and handle grips. Appliances such as blenders are ideal for chopping up food, and there are endless options of can openers and other ergonomic kitchen items that you can try. Consider investing in a motorised chair and bed.



Handrails are immensely useful to have around your home, and can greatly improve accessibility and safety. Places to consider fixing grab rails include around your front and back doors, by the toilet and in the shower, near the bed. You can also secure a second banister up the stairs.


Home Lift

Home lifts are a worthwhile investment if your mobility is likely to decline over time and you want to stay in your property. They have come a long way as far as design and technology are concerned, and can be fitted into almost any building with minimal fuss. There are lots of different models available that can be customised to your needs as well as blending in with your home’s interior.