Gartec Step Lifts – The Key to Greater Accessibility

The MPR range of step lifts, also known as a short-rise lift or vertical platform lift, are an ideal application for any public building. We all know the difficulty that wheelchair users, pushchair users, and people with mobility impairments have navigating public spaces that are simply not accessible, which is why an electric step lift is the perfect solution to improve public access to all areas for all.

About Gartec Step Lifts

The MPR electric-powered step lift is a commercial lift that can be installed for indoor and outdoor use, and even features simple to use constant pressure controls, an emergency stop button and manual lowerin, so wherever the need for easy access for a change in level where a full-scale lift would be too much, our high quality electric motor step lifts can accommodate the needs and requirements for all who need it. 

Designed to be a neat and compact solution to accessibility, our experts in lifting solutions here at Gartec are able to completely install your new small step lift in as little as two days in the minimally disruptive ways possible. This means that you won’t have to suffer with continuous building work for days on end. 

Our lifting engineers have over 25 years of experience in providing high quality solutions for accessibility throughout the UK, so they are able to offer a vast range of bespoke lift configurations and options. Whether you’re looking for a more cost-efficient high quality solution to access, or something more avant garde, our designers can help to make your vision come to life. 

Looking for quality access solutions throughout your building? Gartec will be proud to offer support every step of the way. From design consultation, installation, and throughout the lifetime of your brand new lift, Gartec will be by your side for whatever you need.

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What is a Step Lift?

From one-step wheelchair lifts to internal step lifts that have a lift height of up to 3 metres, hydraulic step lifts are designed with short travel in mind. Where a full-scale lift would be inappropriate to travel a small distance, like a half-staircase, a hydraulic step lift offers a compact solution to provide wheelchair access throughout a building. A hydraulic step lift, complete with moving steps if required, provides a secure gangway between the lift and the area needing improved accessibility. 

As we only use the highest quality parts and materials, Gartec is able to supply and install step lifts that are guaranteed to be top quality, and the most professional suitable solution for the job. 

MPR step lifts for wheelchair users and others with mobility issues are available for installation in commercial or domestic buildings, and they can be installed within two days, and as well as internal step lifts, we also provide external step lifts for disabled use. This means that, wherever you need to improve accessibility, whether it’s the front door of a building or the staircases in your building, you can provide a fast and safe method of efficiently navigating the property.

Contact Gartec For Better Accessibility in your Property

We know that accessibility is of utmost importance, especially in public spaces. When you choose Gartec, our experts can ensure the installation of your brand new step lift in as little as two days, with minimal building work required. Our lift engineers have been in the business for nearly 30 years, meaning that they have years of experience in the installation of high-quality lifting solutions throughout the UK. Need proof? Why not check out our case studies? 

For a high-quality and cost-effective solution to accessibility in properties domestic and commercial, get in touch with Gartec today.