3 Top Home Design Tips

Whether you’re building a home from scratch, reworking somewhere you’ve lived for years or looking to breathe new life into a property you’ve recently moved into, home design tips play a big role in creating the perfect space. While there are numerous interior design techniques you can apply to make your home more impressive, efficient and aesthetically pleasing, if you don’t have the time or the money to dedicate to a complete overhaul there are three main areas to focus on.

Contemplate colours

Most of us underestimate colour and the effect that it can have on your state of mind. The right colours can make you feel upbeat, productive and relaxed while the wrong colours can be depressing, anxiety-inducing or just plain dull. You can use colour to create the illusion of space – an all white bathroom, for example, instantly feels much larger – and during colder months colours such as deep orange and plum can make a room feel cocooning and cosy. Be wary of red as this is thought to raise the pulse rate and instead choose neutral sandy and beige shades for a relaxed lounge, cool greens for a focused workspace and a light lavender in a room where you want to switch off.

Install a lift

A home lift is no longer something reserved the rich and famous, as the platform lift is simple to install and cost effective to run. It’s a fantastic design feature for the home that has everything and also has very practical uses, from ensuring that you can always access the upper floors of your home as the years go on, to providing a way to move heavy items between floors. Contemporary aesthetics, simple installation and lots of benefits make a home lift a smart choice.

All the details

If you have the option to design – or redo – your interiors then plan them down to the very last detail and focus on ways to make the most of the best features in your home. Place mirrors opposite windows to double the natural light in a room and make it feel bigger, and arrange furniture so it creates a natural flow from room to room as this will also generate a feeling of space. Think about paint colours, carpets, wallpaper and rugs so that every room has a consistent design language of its own that makes it feel like a considered whole.


Finally, be sure to make a statement with something bold – you don’t have to do this in every room but half the fun of home design is putting your own stamp on your interiors.