Commercial Passenger Lift Solutions

We are experts in designing and installing a wide range of passenger lifts for commercial spaces. Our platform lift designs include passenger lifts, goods lifts, and stair lifts, and we carry out many bespoke lift installations across the UK. But what is the definition of a passenger lift?

Gartec Public Lift Access Tedi London

What is a Passenger Lift?

A passenger lift is a type of lift that is designed to take passengers up and down a vertical lift shaft. Cabin and shaft sizes can vary in a passenger lift, but they are usually completely enclosed. Possible lifting mechanisms for a passenger lift include pneumatic, traction and hydraulic lifting methods. At Gartec, the majority of our lift models use hydraulics to raise and lower the cabin.

Commercial lifts and escalators that are designed to carry passengers are subject to the public health and safety standards set by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), which covers all kinds of lifting equipment.

As, in most cases, commercial passenger lifts are also considered a type of work equipment, the standards required by LOLER also interact with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).

LOLER and PUWER regulations are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), an official UK government body.

Pitless Passenger Lifts

Passenger Lift Dimensions

You can get a feel for the dimensions of our lifts by using the 3D modelling files available on our BIM objects and CAD blocks page. Below, we have noted down some of the most common and useful passenger lift dimensions from the Gartec range of commercial lifts:

Aritco PublicLift Access

This is a very versatile commercial lift for passengers that can also be used for goods or as a wheelchair lift. Lift dimensions for the Aritco PublicLift Access are as follows:


Platform Size Rated Load Structural Opening Part M Compliance
1100 x 1480 mm 410 / 500 kg 1505 x 1630 mm

1530 x 1630 mm for adjacent entry 

Single, through or adjacent

Please take a look at the Aritco PublicLift Access brochure for the full technical specifications.

ARITCO 9000 Platform Cabin Lift

The ARITCO 9000 Platform Cabin Lift is an excellent design for a medium-sized, enclosed, wheelchair or passenger platform lift. Available passenger lift dimensions include:


Platform Size Structural Opening Shaft Size
1000 x 1400 mm 1465 x 1630 mm 1435 x 1600 mm
1100 x 1400 mm 1565 x 1630 mm 1535 x 1600 mm

Please see the complete ARITCO 9000 Platform Cabin Lift brochure for further specifications and other information.

Gartec Lifts 9000

ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform Lift

For a versatile lift with a range of platform sizes and a massive 1,000 kg weight capacity, look no further than the ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform Lift, which is available in the following dimensions:


Platform Size Total Footprint
1400 x 2500 mm 1860 x 2610 mm
1400 x 2000 mm 1860 x 2110 mm
1100 x 2200 mm 1560 x 2310 mm

There are 55 other platform sizes available, so this is an easily-customisable lift that will have the feel of a bespoke passenger lift. Please take a look at the ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform Lift brochure to learn more.

ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform Lift- Glass Shaft

Passenger Lift Safety Features

Within the diverse range of passenger lifts we provide you can find many simple, smart and effective safety features. Safety features found on our passenger platform lifts include:

  • Safety edges, which stop the lift when pressed
  • Emergency stop buttons, which also instantly stop the lift
  • Battery backup power, which is supplied as standard on every Gartec lift
  • Key locking functionality, either to landing doors or the lift platform
  • Intercom and auto dialers that connect to preset numbers, so passengers can ask for help in an emergency

Passenger lifts need safety features much more than a lift used exclusively for goods, or stair lifts that are not fully enclosed. Other essential safety features include sturdy and robust frames.

Bespoke Passenger Lifts

If you are an architect and want a lift to dovetail with your building design, or are looking for a lift that will suit a lift shaft with very precise dimensions, such as during a retrofit, you might benefit from one of our bespoke passenger lifts. The ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform Lift and the Gartec 8000 Hydraulic Cabin Stretcher Lift are the best options for bespoke work, as they come with many customisation options. Bespoke passenger lifts are ideal for all kinds of new and old commercial spaces.

You can set bespoke dimensions and build your lift online using our tool:

Build your lift here

Gartec Home Couple
Gartec Lifts Somerset Leisure Centre

Commercial Passenger Lifts

All of the lifts offered by Gartec are perfect for commercial, industrial, and public use. Environments where we install a range of different types of lifts, such as those designed for wheelchairs, goods and passengers, include:

  • Car and bike showrooms
  • Factories
  • Gyms
  • Healthcare environments
  • Heritage sites and visitor centres
  • Hotels
  • Large retail stores
  • Leisure centres
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Shopping malls
  • Warehouses

We can provide a range of outstanding, high-quality lift installations for all kinds of commercial spaces. Take a look at our selection of fantastic case studies for more details and high-resolution pictures of the lift installations we can deliver.

Take a look at our case studies

Passenger Lift Prices

With bespoke sizes, bespoke installations, and bespoke lift designs come bespoke prices, so we are unable to give a precise price breakdown of what your new commercial passenger lift installation will cost. However, we have earned many awards thanks to our clever designs, innovative lifting mechanisms and efficient installation techniques, so we can keep costs as low as possible. Gartec lift prices are much lower than conventional passenger lifts.

Begin a Commercial Passenger Lift Installation

Whether you want a passenger lift with specific safety features, precise dimensions, or within a certain price range, we can help you find a solution. We have been developing, manufacturing and installing the highest quality commercial platform lifts for over 30 years.

We will also be happy to provide specialist lift servicing packages after your lift has been installed. These packages offer the best possible value, with maintenance carried out by LOLER and PUWER trained engineers. Servicing also means you have the lowest chance of a lift breakdown or malfunction.

You can install bespoke or ready-made commercial passenger lifts in any environment by using our industry-leading service, which will give you sustainable, low-maintenance lifts through non-disruptive and hassle-free installations.

Please get in touch with us to find out more