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Travel from 600mm – 3000mm

Illuminated constant pressure controls

Remote call station

Pit option for internal use

No need for an enclosure or support tower

The Barduva RB150 is a highlight in our range of step lifts, all of which provide practical solutions for wheelchair users. Accessing a building independently is easy with the Barduva RB150. An ideal short-rise lift, the RB150 is the perfect alternative to a ramp where space is limited. The 3 m travel range and simple, compact system give you maximum efficiency. We also offer a selection of platform sizes and finishes to suit all environments and budgets.

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step lift vertical aspect photograph with low lighting

Lift Specifications


Rated load



Indoor or Outdoor



Power req.

1-phase, 220-240V, 50Hz, 16A
3-phase, 380-400V, 10A


Belt driven

Machine room

Integral to guide rails


Constant pressure push buttons (illuminated)
Option for single touch landings


Frameless half-height gate

No. Stops

2 stops with 1 door per floor

Operating Temperature

Temperature -10 °C to +40 °C


White as standard
Any RAL or brushed stainless steel finish options

Lift Measurements

Note: different arrangements may require side clearance. Please get in touch with specifications for site-specific measurements.


Platform Size

900 x 1400mm
1000 x 1400mm
1100 x 1400mm

Overall Footprint*

1500 x 1639mm (includes 150mm access tolerance, each side of lift)

Travel Distance

600mm – 3,000mm

Gate Height


Pit Depth (optional)


  • Quiet and efficient belt drive system
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Minimal building work & quick installation from 1 day
  • Wide range of finishes, with steel or RAL colours

You will see this is an excellent indoor and outdoor home lift when you install it using our leading service. It is a very strong hydraulic lift that provides reliable wheelchair access and an ideal lifting solution for a variety of chairs, such as electric or self-propelled chairs. With a maximum load of up to 400 kg it is perfect for multiple users, such as the residents of care homes.

Some step lifts are difficult to install, but with this innovative design and our talented team, you can easily improve your quality of life with a fast, cost-effective solution. You can rest assured that we are very easy to work with, too; our company specialises in hassle-free lifting solutions.

As a vertical platform lift, it is effortless to simply ride onto the sturdy steel platform, which is something that other designs (such as disabled access stairlifts) do not feature. This is a solid, simple step lift with a low lift height that requires very little work to install.


We are continually working hard to reduce our carbon emissions and use sustainable materials.

we use



recycled and recyclable materials

our motor is



This uses less energy than a standard domestic kettle or hairdryer

a reduction of up to



Of annual power usage and cost compared to a passenger lift in the same environment

an annual reduction of up to


% CO2

is seen through the production of the annual power used.

Safety Features

a step lift helping a disabled man in a wheelchair at his home

User safety and comfort have been a fundamental part of the design for the Barduva RB150, with a full platform safety edge, emergency battery backup, proximity sensors, interlocked gates and many more clever features for outstanding safety.

The excellent safety features make this step lift an amazing option for home use, as it is very reliable and you can use it with total confidence while on your own. We believe in striving to exceed expectations, so many types of safety features are included for total peace of mind.

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The Barduva RB150 Step Lift is a top lift for home use. It can be installed alongside small staircases in the home with minimal hassle and gives you simple, safe accessible access. It is powerful and performs well in a small space, too, resulting in effortless wheelchair lifting at low and medium size heights.

When you install a wheelchair or any other kind of hydraulic lift with us you will get the easiest hassle-free installation experience. The Barduva RB150 is a clever design that uses minimal space and materials, so it is an ideal option if you are worried about the installation process.

We have a wonderful range of wheelchair lift options that can liberate you during your internal or external activities. Whether you want to install the fantastic RB150 lift or another model, we can help with low cost and non-disruptive solutions. Get in touch today.

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