4 Popular Home Remodelling Trends

Thinking of remodelling your home this summer? Take a look at these four top home remodelling trends on everyone’s mind in 2016.


Beauty meets low maintenance

As the digital age and improved technology make convenience increasingly desirable, it is unsurprising that one of the prominent trends of 2016 is low maintenance design features – but this isn’t at the expense of aesthetics.

It is this drive towards convenience that is leading to more interest in quartz countertops – resilient, attractive and without the upkeep that marble, granite etc require – and stainless steel. The latter can be seen in new products from the likes of KitchenAid and GE, making use of fingerprint resistant steel that has a softer finish than traditional stainless.


Virtual reality has arrived

It’s not just the videogames industry that is benefiting from the development of VR technology, but the interior design sector too.
Floor plans can give us an insight into what a space will look like following a remodelling, but until it’s finished you can never be sure what will work and what won’t. This is where VR comes in – allowing you to visualise the completed project and experience your new room before it’s too late.
Here at Gartec, we are already using VR technology to help our clients see how their new platform lift will look once it has been installed. This is particularly popular with architects as it allows them to assess the aesthetics of the room as well as identify any potential issues.


Transitional kitchens

Does your kitchen not really adhere to the ‘rules’ of any one interior design category? Well fear not, as transitional kitchens are very much in right now.
Combine traditional elements with contemporary styles, for example traditional wooden cabinets with industrial lighting fixtures and stainless steel appliances.
Aim for natural elements such as wood and stone as well as a warm, neutral colour scheme.


Hardwood flooring

Tile and laminate may have dominated kitchen flooring for many years, but hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular in modern kitchen design.
Wide planks (six inches or more) are particularly sought after at the moment, while the use of reclaimed or antique flooring is on the up.
Resilient, easy to maintain and stunning to look at, hardwood flooring is the solution with few downsides.


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