5 Unusual Materials for your Home

If you are designing your home or starting a new home project, it is always worth digging around for some unusual and interesting ideas for creating your spaces! We’ve rounded up our top 5 materials and products to make your home really unique – see what you can create!

1. Magnetic Plaster or Paint

Our top pick is magnetic plaster or magnetic paint. With the same look and feel as normal plaster and paint, this fantastic idea means you don’t have to make holes in all your walls to hang pictures – just use magnetic frames!

2. 3D Printing

3D printing has been a bit of a buzzword over the last few years – but the amazing array of options it can offer is massive in building a custom design! You may not want an entire house 3D printed, but if there are elements of the building, or elements of your interior design, that could be created as a custom item, it will add a personal touch to any home.

In Eindhoven, entire houses are being built by 3D printers, allowing affordable, quick building and simple homes in almost any area!

3. Charred Wood

Charred wood sounds like an unusual material, but has seen a rise in recent years. It is especially stunning when used as an external cladding material on modern home designs. The dark colour of the charred wood looks beautiful when used to offset a lighter colour material on an exterior, or can be used for some stunning effects when used for garden or landscaping features.

4. Moss Graffiti

It’s not really a building material, but when you look at the exterior of your home it can be nice to have something a bit different to make it personal. We love the idea of using Moss paint – which you can make yourself easily – to create custom designs and wording on your home. Why not start with something simple like painting your house number, or go all out and create a mural or picture for your family!

5. Sugru – Mouldable Sillicone Glue

Sugru is described as “A flexible, adhesive repair putty that sets strong which turns into a durable silicone rubber”. It is a mouldable sillicone product that once removed from the packaging can be shaped and stuck to a surface, and sets hard. This is incredibly handy for all sorts of things – from adding hooks to walls you cannot put screws or nails into, to creating tools with your grip on the handle to make home improvements easier. You could even create custom models to display if you’re feeling artistic!