7 Home Improvement Ideas that Increase Home Value

Home improvement ideas can make a surprising amount of difference to the value of your house. If you’re looking to sell your house, try to make one of the changes or upgrades a really memorable feature. This will help people to remember it (and if its not really your style, don’t worry – you won’t be there for long!).

Often, if you are looking at moving home, making some of these changes can help get the best selling price out of your house. Having even a little extra money will give you more to play with when buying or updating your new house too. Remember to balance the cost with the additional gain to make sure you aren’t over-budget!

Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Home Value

We’ve got home improvement ideas to suit every budget and style – we’ll start small and simple, and work up to the big guns.

1. Front Door

Replacing or improving your front door is a really simple idea that can make your home feel completely different – and more welcoming! If you’re looking for budget friendly home improvement ideas, just paint your front door with a fresh colour and clean look. Make sure you masking tape any windows or edges, and put a sheet down, to get a neat, clean finish.

2. Change Old Carpets

Carpets are not always to everyones taste – especially dated designs and old styles. A good home improvement idea that adds some value to prospective buyers is adding a wooden floor. The neutral style and simple fitting makes it an easy change, especially if you can do some yourself. It’s also really easy to clean and maintain!

Impress visitors with a modern and stylish new floor to boost the appearance and feel of the house. Remember to avoid really dark colours as these can make the space feel small.


3. Landscape the Garden

Landscaping the garden can be as budget-friendly or budget-busting as you like, but as home improvement ideas go, this ones quite important. Outdoor spaces at home are a major driver for buyers, and a good outdoor space can make or break a buyers decision. Consider decking, adding colour with plants and pots, water features, mirrors and seating areas as a good starting point.

Creating privacy and seclusion is the best addition. Fences and trees can boost privacy. Seating is also really important to give the garden functional areas. Create a decking seating area to give the impression of more useful space.

Even just making the space clean, tidy and clear will help as it gives a blank canvas that viewers can see potential with.


4. Replace Old Windows

Old, inefficient windows are often one of the first things buyers will notice when walking up to your property. New PVC style windows improve energy efficiency, sound levels and security in the home. Replacing windows can be a bit of an investment, but in the long run improves the aesthetics of the house as well as increasing the value.

Shop around for good deals and look out for rogue traders – it’s a common one with windows. If you’re changing the front door as well, try to get matching styles to really boost your home look.


5. Driveway / Off Street Parking

Creating space for cars is an easy way to add value – most households have at least one car. This is especially important in more built up, urban areas where street parking might not be that easy, meaning more value is added in these types of area. It could be a relatively expensive choice so make sure you gather quotes and look at how much value you will add.

Make sure you think about planning permission if needed, including any public land that needs to be crossed, and creating a drop kerb. Speak to your local council or look on the Government’s land registry website.


6. Loft or Garage Conversion

A conversion of either a loft space or garage is a fantastic home improvement idea. It can really add a lot of value to a home by making another usable room in the house. It is also nearly half the cost of creating a similar space with an extension, and you won’t have to get permission usually unless you change the structure of the house. A new bedroom is the best option for adding value as this is the most desirable type of extra room, but the house still needs to flow. Don’t stick a bedroom next to the kitchen as it might look a bit odd!

Creating a light, airy and modern space will increase the value of your home – and give you a nice space to use in the mean time. Try to do some of it yourself to reduce costs, and really get the most value from your house.


7. Home Accessibility

Adding some access to your home instantly opens up your property to a huge number of people who may have previously looked past your home as inaccessible. The disabled and elderly may feel restricted to bungalows or lower price homes so they can use the whole property, but by including a home lift, concealed grab rails and large, spacious areas (good for wheelchair users for example) you will showcase the house at it’s most inclusive, and make it an option for a previously unsuitable group.