9 Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly has become something of a buzzword. However, making your home more ‘green’ plays an important part in minimising the effect that we have on the world around us, and safeguarding our environment for generations to come.

Try these ideas to make your home eco-friendly and to do your bit to help reduce the carbon footprint that your daily life leaves.

Make your Home Eco-Friendly: Compost Heap

All over the UK, most local councils encourage residents to compost items like teabags and vegetable skins but, rather than waiting for council collections, make your own! If you have a garden then this is the perfect place to create an eco-friendly compost heap and it will give you some great compost for your garden too.

Adding plants to a green wall Make your Home Eco-Friendly: Collect Rainwater

For gardeners who dread hosepipe bans, a simple solution – and a way to save on the water that you use – is to collect rainwater. This is really simple – all you need is a rainwater butt or barrel and then a rainy English winter! A quick eco friendly home idea.


Make your Home Eco-Friendly: Grow your Own

You can cut down on your shopping bill, as well as the carbon footprint of the food you buy, with a garden full of fruit and veg. Choose fruit and veg that you really enjoy as this will motivate you to care for it properly – lettuce, onions, tomatoes, fruit trees such as apple and pear, as well as a range of herbs are all popular with UK gardeners. This is a more long term eco-friendly home switch so plan your garden carefully to make sure you can get all the foods you want in.


Make your Home Eco-Friendly: Install Solar Panels

An economical and eco friendly home idea, solar panels might seem like a big step to take but more and more people are choosing them. You save money by generating your own energy from the sun, get paid for any additional energy you give to the grid, and often you can make the most of government schemes and grants to help with the installation cost.


Make your Home Eco-Friendly: Recycle

This is one that most of us already know, but remember that you can recycle just about anything, from plastics, glass and cardboard to furniture and old belongings, so get creative. Reselling, donating and upcycling are all great eco-friendly home ideas for reducing the waste your house produces.


Make your Home Eco-Friendly: Opt for a Litterless Lunch

Instead of buying sandwiches in yet more packaging, take your own. Leave the tin foil aside and use Tupperware instead – this reduces your contribution to the rubbish bin and will make you more inventive with your lunches too!


Make your Home Eco-Friendly: Eco Light Bulbs

You can save energy and money with energy saving lightbulbs. Change all the bulbs in your house to have a positive effect on the planet, as well as your purse.


Make your Home Eco-Friendly: Wear More Jumpers

No, that’s not a joke – if you turn your heating down by just 2 degrees you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. So, when the temperature drops, instead of turning the heat up reach for a cosy knit instead.


Eco-Friendly Home Suppliers

Try to use conscienscious suppliers for your home goods – from using local shops to reduce car use, to finding shops that give back to the planet.

Gartec are so passionate about sustainable living and giving back to the environment, all home lifts that are manufactured and installed by Gartec are recyclable and can be put back to good use – an eco friendly lift.