Adding an Elevator to your Home

Adding an elevator to your home has never been so easy! Gartec pride ourselves in making home elevators simple, fast and fun.

Where can I Put a Home Elevator?

Gartec home lifts are easy to squeeze into even the smallest home! All you need to do is pick a spot where it will come through the floor, starting and ending in a suitable place (the bathroom is not the best idea!).

Our lifts can have doors on multiple sides, so you can get out on a different side, meaning a whole new set of places might be suitable for your home elevator.

Using the floor plans from the Gartec brochures for your lift choice, generally you will need to use the “structural opening” or “floor opening” dimensions to see how big the hole needs to be in the floor. Try making a paper or cardboard square in the same size as the home elevator floor opening size, and putting it around the house to see how it fits!


How Much Does a Home Elevator Cost?

At Gartec, we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service and a superb lift design, but our elevators for the home are still in the mid-range price bracket.

Our Aritco 4000 home lift is the equivalent to through floor lifts, but with better safety features – and around the same sort of price – £14,000.

The Aritco 6000 is larger, ideal as a home wheelchair lift, and is around £16,000.

In comparison, a stairlift is around £8,000, and a through floor lift is around £10,000.


How Long Will It Take to Buy A Home Elevator?

At Gartec, we come and visit to have a look at your chosen home elevator spot, get any drawings or details of plans you have, and prepare you a quote. Once this has been accepted, it takes around 8 weeks for our Swedish factory to make the home lift and deliver to the UK, then just 3 days to install in your home – meaning minimal disruption where you live.

The process can be as long or short as you want really – if you are in a rush, we will do all we can to get your installation date sorted!


What are the Benefits of an Elevator for the Home?

As a final note, we’ve rounded up the best reasons for adding an elevator to your home (though you have probably thought of most of them!).

  • Futureproof your home
  • Add some stylish technology
  • Increase the value of your home
  • No need to struggle with heavy furniture or objects
  • Make your neighbours jealous!