The Aritco 7000 Explained

Our most versatile lift in the commercial range, with installation possible in almost any location and for a range of requirements.


The Aritco 7000 platform lift is our most versatile lift in the commercial range, with installation possible in almost any location and for a range of requirements and uses.

All Aritco platform lifts use patented screw and nut technology, and all the same resilient parts. There are 3 models of the Aritco 7000 lift, each with different features for alternative uses. All the models are available in a range of platform sizes, from 1 person to wheelchair and carer size for Equality Act compliance.

  1. 7000 Basic: a simple internal lift, also available with a half-height gate
  2. 7000 XT: a simple external lift with extra features including weather resistant finish and door cover for rain shelter
  3. 7000 Flexi: an internal goods and passenger lift with features such as a curb to prevent damage from goods during travel



None of the models require head fixing, machine room or oil pits, and we don’t need an existing shaft to install. The lifts are installed in 2-3 days without major building works or scaffolding, making it easy to fit around a renovation or build schedule.

The lifts all use patented screw and nut technology; a motor drives a nut up and down a threaded bar that runs the vertical length of the lift. The L-shaped platform is the only part that moves during travel, and all the machinery is hidden at the rear of the lift.

Due to regulations the button must be pressed continuously during travel, or the lift will stop.



  • Floor level fixing points only
  • No structural support or head fixing required
  • Small footprint – not much larger than shaft
  • Contained in shaft – no pump box housing or machine room
  • Modular design – no building works and easy to move
  • No large pit – lubrication through use


Safety Features

All the lifts come with a safety edge running around the entire platform. When pressed, this stops the lift – as does the emergency stop button on the platform. The alarm button on the platform is either audible from the exterior, or linked to an intercom or autodialler to connect to preset numbers to call for help.

The mirror in the lift provides safety for wheelchair users in the smaller lift sizes. When exiting backwards, the user can see what is behind them. In a power failure, the lift has emergency battery backup and takes the user to the nearest (or ground) floor for safe exit.

Finally, the screw and nut technology means no drop in event of failure – the angle of the thread means the lift just stays where it is.


The 7000 is used widely in public and private commercial environments:

  • Basic: As a low cost, styllish office, library or car showroom compliance solution
  • Basic: a half height gate in cinemas, theatres and stadiums without blocking views
  • Basic: as a minimal destruction access solution in faith, listed and heritage buildings
  • Basic: as a small lift to fit in stairwells and attach to mezzanine floors
  • Flexi: As a simple and easy goods lift for back of house in retail
  • Flexi: As a basic goods lift for warehouses, pubs, restaurants and hotels
  • XT: A safe external lift often used to link car parks and internal areas in offices and warehouses
  • XT: as a method of getting to the roof of any building for maintenance or features