Benefits of Building with Wood

Building materials can have a surprising impact on the users and residents of a building. From the feelings that are created when looking or using the building, to the productivity within the building, choosing the correct materials for your building makes more of a difference than you might think. Wood has some interesting effects and can be a really positive building material for many types of building.


When building any form of premises, there will be huge amounts of planning and consideration to building materials.

Whilst many buildings use traditional materials such as bricks and mortar, building with wood is a growing trend for many reasons.

Some of the advantages of building with wood from the construction point of view include:

  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to shape, move and make modular
  • Lower environmental cost / carbon footprint over steel
  • High tensile strength (we can support our 7000 platform lift from a wood frame building no problem!)
  • Weight to strength ratio very good
  • Renewable – as long as sustainable sources are used
  • Recyclable/biodegradable at the end of it’s useful life
  • No long term oxidation leading to discolouration or ugly aesthetics



Buildings made with wood offer huge benefits to the users or residents of the building as well as the construction process. The users can enjoy:

  • Energy efficiency: due to material density, wood reduces costs for heating and cooling over time
  • Acoustics: wood absorbs sound to an extent (rather than reflecting it), making spaces more peaceful – especially in noisy environments
  • Aesthetics: wood has stunning aesthetic properties – think high beams and exposed timber frames
  • Aesthetics: Unique aesthetics – no wood is the same
  • Electrical: No static / electrical conduction properties when dry
  • Mood: Wood, as a natural product, promotes lower stress levels and higher positivity
  • Productivity: Wood enhances productivity of a working space
  • Chemicals: wood releases chemicals into the air which promote positivity and good mood, where other materials do not



Whilst there are huge benefits to building with wood, it is important to check that wood is the right material. Remember to think about the disadvantages, which will be more relevant in certain locations (for example, flood risk areas):

  • Vulnerable to rot and damp if improperly prepared
  • Possible attack by insects – from nesting wasps to termite damage
  • Fire risk – structural damage or complete combustion in fire situation
  • Wood may shrink and expand slightly as it absorbs water
  • Fungal attack may occur on untreated wood

Most of the problems that can occur with wood are eliminated by treating, coating and drying the material before use – and by being aware you can prevent any future problems.



The best and most important buildings to create out of wood are the ones that will reap the benefits of the structure the most.

Schools & Education Facilities are improved by using wood, with students being more engaged, positive and productive.

Offices made from wood have more productive staff and generally users have a better sense of wellbeing.

Homes made from wood are incredibly efficient and the natural chemicals that wood gives off make you happier. Wood also makes stunning (and often award winning) features.

Structures & Temporary Buildings are often built from wood as it is easy to sculpt and mould, and can be recycled afterwards.


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