The Meaning of CPD Certification for Architects in the UK

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a mandate for architects striving to maintain their professional capabilities. Gartec has introduced a new RIBA-certified CPD course tailored specifically for the nuanced needs of modern architectural design, focusing on home platform lifts specifically. This course offers an insightful exploration into the design, functionality, and regulatory compliance of platform lifts, ensuring architects can integrate these elements seamlessly into their projects.

In this guide, we will explain in more detail what CPD is and why accreditation is beneficial for professionals, as well as what to expect for those taking the lesson and test through Gartec.

What Is CPD?

CPD represents an ongoing process through which professionals maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge to remain effective and competitive in their respective fields. For architects, who are often required to balance design, technology, and compliance in their daily work, CPD is indispensable.

CPD encompasses a range of activities including formal coursework, conferences, workshops, e-learning sessions, and even self-directed study. Each of these components helps professionals stay informed on the latest advancements, meet regulatory changes, and uphold the highest standards of their profession. The term ‘CPD’ signifies a holistic commitment to personal and professional growth, ensuring practitioners can adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

For architects, while engaging in CPD can fulfil obligatory industry requirements, the practice is more about seizing the opportunity to forge ahead in their careers with renewed knowledge and skills. This strategic investment in professional development is crucial for keeping pace with industry standards and delivering exceptional architectural solutions.

What is RIBA-Accreditation?

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a professional body for architects primarily in the United Kingdom, but also internationally. Founded in 1834, RIBA champions excellence in architecture through training, support, and a set of professional standards that ensure the high quality and integrity of the profession.

RIBA-Accredited CPD – Why It Matters

RIBA accreditation in CPD signifies a stringent standard of quality and relevance in educational programs that contribute to the professional development of architects. This accreditation is part of RIBA’s commitment to fostering lifelong learning among its members, ensuring that they remain competent and competitive in the field. RIBA-accredited CPD courses cover a wide range of topics that are essential for the practice of architecture, from technical skills and design to compliance and ethical standards.

For a CPD program to earn RIBA accreditation, it must meet specific criteria that reflect the core competencies architects need. This not only enhances an architect’s skill set but also assures clients and employers of the architect’s dedication to maintaining the highest professional standards. 

Gartec’s Online CPD Training for Architects

Gartec’s CPD programme, accredited by RIBA, provides a comprehensive exploration of platform lift technologies specifically designed for architects. This course focuses intensively on modern platform lifts, lifting platforms, and enclosed platform lifts, offering detailed insights into their design, application, and integration within various building environments.


What to Expect From the Course

The RIBA-accredited CPD course from Gartec is available online, enabling architects to engage with the content at their convenience. The online flexibility ensures that learning can take place in a variety of settings, whether at the office, at home or on the move, without compromising the depth and quality of the educational experience.

Interactive elements such as virtual reality simulations, interactive diagrams, and real-time Q&A sessions enrich the learning experience. These features allow participants to visualise the installation and operation of Gartec’s range of platform lifts in real architectural settings, enhancing their understanding of the practical and regulatory considerations involved.

By the end of the CPD programme, participants will have a thorough understanding of the types of platform lifts available, their benefits, and the regulations impacting their use.


The Benefits of Participating in RIBA-Accredited CPD

Participating in Gartec’s RIBA-certified CPD course on platform lifts equips architects with the knowledge to make informed decisions about lift placement and integration, ensuring that these essential fixtures blend seamlessly into the overall design while meeting functional needs.

The course underscores the importance of accessibility considerations, a critical aspect of modern architecture. It also addresses common environments for platform lifts and discusses design strategies that comply with accessibility laws like the Disability Discrimination Act. This not only enhances building usability but also ensures legal compliance.

Additionally, the focus on EN 81-41:2010 standards within the course material ensures that all platform lift designs adhere to the latest safety and quality guidelines, further enhancing the architectural firm’s reputation for reliability and safety in design planning.

Do You Need CPD Certification?

Enrolling in Gartec’s RIBA-certified CPD course on platform lifts is straightforward, and designed to integrate seamlessly into the busy schedules of architects and other working professionals across the construction industry.

The CPD is offered in two formats to accommodate different learning preferences: a video seminar available on the RIBA CPD website and an office seminar that can be booked for a group session at your workplace.

What to Expect – The Video Seminar

You can access this 20-minute video seminar at your convenience, making it easy to fit into any schedule. It concludes with a quiz to reinforce your learning, and upon completion, a certificate is issued to add to your professional portfolio.

What to Expect – The Office Seminar

For a more interactive experience, book a lunchtime seminar to be held at your offices. This 45-minute session includes a presentation and a live Q&A, providing direct engagement with the experts. Lunch is provided, and certificates are issued post-seminar to all attendees.

For more information, reach out via email at or call 01296 397100 to arrange your session and connect with the team who will guide you through the booking process.

Explore Gartec’s RIBA Certified CPD on Enclosed Platform Lifts

This detailed curriculum covers all aspects of platform lifts, integrating essential knowledge with the latest technological advancements and regulatory frameworks. We strongly encourage all architects to seek CPD certification to remain at the forefront of architectural innovation and safety.