Discussing Residential Lifts with Domestic Clients

If you work with residential projects, don’t forget to talk to your clients about home lifts to provide a comprehensive and inclusive offering. We’ve rounded up some of the topics your clients may want to discuss, with great answers, ideas and discussion points.

Simple installation, combined with the benefits that domestic lifts offer in terms of future proofing any building, have driven a rise in the numbers of people who want this clever technology for their own homes.



A domestic lift makes a home more accessible for everyone. For those with disabilities it can open up the house and make it a more inclusive space, and often prevents moving or expensive renovation.

It is more suitable as an access solution over a stairlift as there is no need to get in and out of the chair, and it is more visually pleasing.

Domestic lifts also provide a great method of transport for heavy, bulky or large items within the home – such as vacuums, suitcases and pets.

Consider the age and lifestyle of your client, and ask if access can be an issue for themselves or their family. Discuss potential requirements in the future.



Physical risks and issues that can be present after a certain age often mean stairs are unsuitable. Installing a domestic lift overcomes this, providing an easy way to travel between floors and eliminating potential for trips and falls, and meaning many don’t have to move home.

Ask your client about future plans, and if this is their ‘forever home’. If it is a self-build or big renovation, discuss with the client about future-proofing for age and disability.

For younger/more able clients discuss leaving space for a lift in the future. An area the size of an airing cupboard is all that is required and can change any plans.



Domestic platform lifts can be installed almost anywhere. With a range of platform sizes, huge selection of customisations and load capacity options, a Gartec Home lift can be tailored for needs.

Gartec home lifts do not require head room or top fixings, so stairwell installation and half height gates are common to save space.

Installation time and disruption can be a concern, especially when adding another element to a large or complex project.

98% of Gartec home lifts are installed in two days, and don’t require building works or scaffolding. The modular system is self-contained and can be moved. We regularly work around other contractors and tidy up afterwards.

Talk to your client about the simplicity and speed of installation and address any concerns with requirements.

Ask your client about reservations and desirable features, and discuss that the lift can be customised and fit almost anywhere.



Many of our customers ask about safety, especially with children or pets. The features on Gartec lifts make them suitable for any environment; a safety stop edge prevents trapped fingers or items, and an emergency stop button on the platform means quick control.

All our lifts can be fitted with a key locking system, and our HomeLift comes with an app that can control usage and locking times.

Our nationwide network of engineers are always on hand and our 24 hour emergency breakdown line means peace of mind for your clients, no matter what happens.

Discuss with clients their safety needs – children and pets have been considered in depth by Gartec in the design of the lift. If specific requirements for safety need to be met, ask Gartec if these can be done.

If breakdowns and trappage are a concern for clients, discuss communication options – a phone, autodialler or intercom are installed for peace of mind. Our engineers are available 24/7 for breakdowns and a full handover is given after installation, including trappage procedure.



A home lift is more aesthetically pleasing than a stairlift, and can be a stand out feature, or tucked away. Our lifts can be installed flush with walls, or in the middle of a room (and everywhere in between), meaning your clients home will still look how they want it to.

All our lifts can be customised in RAL colours and ‘wrapped’ to change the outer effect, as well as offering glass or solid wall panels. If design is a key factor, our HomeLift offers an art backwall and app which controls lighting colour and schedules.

Clients may want to talk about how a lift will look. Discuss the visual options available and how they want it to appear. Our online gallery and brochures are ideal for providing inspiring examples of what other customers have done.



Cost is often a major concern, especially as part of a larger project. Our home lifts provide a low cost offering and great value servicing.

Operating the lift uses minimal power – a run uses less energy than a kettle, and parts are 95% recyclable, ideal for more environmentally conscious homeowners.

We have a range of maintenance packages, with something to suit every clients budget, or just pay as you go.

Initial costs for the lift are changeable dependent on requirements, but a basic 2 stop lift on our 4000 model starts at around £13,500. Our office team can produce specific quotes, drawings and site visits if needed.

Low power usage is a key driver for many, with normal 2 phase power required.

Clients may want to know about maintenance packages, which start at around £300 per year. Alternatively, a pay-as-you-go system gives flexibility.