Grand Designs The Street Made Accessible | Self-Build Access

Gartec Home Lift being installed for Grand Designs the Street Did you spot our versatile Home Lift on 2019’s series, Grand Designs: The Street? Read on to find out more…!


Grand Designs: The Street

Grand Designs The Street follows 10 couples who are building their own homes on the Graven Hill self build site in Bicester. Each couple is doing something extraordinary to their home – from technology to building materials and systems. Be inspired for your home design!


dboji5guqae_aw9 Graven Hill Self Build Site

Graven Hill is a unique site, focused on allowing self-builds and unusual personalised homes to be built together in a community setting. Nestled in the Bicester countryside, Graven Hill is growing quickly and Grand Designs have teamed up with the first 10 builders to create Grand Designs The Street.

Graven Hill will see the creation of up to 1,900 self-build, custom build and affordable homes as well as community infrastructure and beautiful green spaces. The Plot Shop in Bicester has all the information you could need about the site and getting involved.


Gartec & Grand Designs

Gartec Home - Grand Designs The Street with Gartec Home Lift Garrie & Sue built their home on plot 6 of the main street at the Graven Hill site, and visited the Gartec showroom to try out our lifts. The couple knew they wanted our 6000 home lift – large enough for a potential wheelchair  and the design options and positioning were discussed. The 6000 Home Lift is a platform lift, meaning a smaller overall footprint – this gave the couple more space on the lift platform to stand, whilst fitting in a small gap in the middle of the house.

Whilst the home was still under construction, our expert installation team nipped in and installed the lift in just 3 days in the space left for it. The lift was the most complete part of the house for some time but meant it was ready for Sue whenever she needed it.


The Finished Lift: Plot 5, Graven Hill

Now complete, the house looks incredible – a truly unique addition to the street. Their use of stunning glass walls in the living room and the mini balcony mean they can enjoy the views and the home is exactly what they wanted. The lift tucks in neatly and you almost don’t notice it with the matching white and glass finish.

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