Here’s What Your Luxury Home Needs To Have

Every home has four walls and a front door so what is it that really sets a luxury home apart from an average property? Luxury comes in lots of different packages these days, from the luxury of easy access, to the luxury of space, and furnishings made from materials that cost the earth. If you’re looking to upgrade your home then these are just a few of the features that could give it the luxe tag.

A huge skylight

Your average skylight is pleasant, but not exactly luxurious, so if you want to join the high end crowd install a skylight of vast proportions. Natural light is one of the most underrated luxuries these days, one that can make us feel better physically, and which bathes all interiors in a warm, earthy glow. So, choose your room and then install a skylight across the length of the ceiling.


A home lift

No luxury home would be complete without a well-designed home lift, which can be a real focal point for your property. With the Aritco HomeLift, you will have a wide range of finishes and designs to choose from to create a piece of art that suits your home.


Installing a home lift to your property not only helps the ease of movement between floors, but can also make life feel ever so luxurious. Whether your style is traditional or modern, you can find the right home lift to suit your property. Not only can a home lift provide wheelchair access, it is also a great help with transporting items up or down and will also future proof your home.


A spa bathroom

Spending money on the bathroom – perhaps the most functional room in the house – is a true sign of a luxury home. From inbuilt saunas and Jacuzzis, to all-marble interiors and oversize freestanding tubs, there’s a lot of scope for making the bathroom a real feature space. Make sure the fabrics you use in the bathroom are ultra thick and sumptuous, from Egyptian cotton towels to the fluffiest of bathmats.


A walk in wardrobe

Whether you’re male or female, wardrobe space is always a let down – unless of course you have the room to create a wardrobe of the walk in kind. It’s the ultimate luxury to be able to walk into your closet and assess potential outfits that are displayed and lit just to help you choose. If you want to go a step further then create a separate space for your shoes too, complete with floor to ceiling mirrors and colour coded stacks.


An outdoor space

Plenty of us have access to balconies and gardens but in a luxury home, the outside is as comfortable as the inside. No broken deckchairs or creaky patio furniture here – instead, opulent couches, armchairs, perhaps a firepit or a giant BBQ. Of course if you’re in the UK then your luxurious outside space is also going to have to include a roof that can be activated for rainy days, as well as plenty of outdoor heaters.


We all have a different idea of what makes true luxury – if yours is an accessible house that is future proofed for your lifetime then a home lift is a great place to start.