Home Lift Maintenance and Care Tips

If you’re going to invest in a home lift, it makes sense to look after it – as with anything you buy for your home! Below is a host of information about maintaining your platform lift, including what you can be doing to keep it in top shape. Need help? Just get in touch!


Why Should I Maintain my Home Lift?

Lift care ensures safety, reliability and extends the life of your lift. Having regular home lift maintenance means you can catch any damage, wear or breakages before they cause a problem, meaning less issues at crucial times.

Home lift maintenance can reduce ongoing costs later down the line, where looking after a part (for example, oiling) extends the life of the part and means no early replacements or accidental damage.


What Should I Do Myself for Home Lift Maintenance?

There are some simple steps to home lift maintenance that you can do yourself to prevent damage, breakdowns and future problems:

  • Cleaning: keeping the inside and outside of your lift clean can prevent bits sticking and blocking, like the doors, as well as preventing a tripping or slipping hazard
  • Regular Use: Gartec home lifts use an automated lubrication system which relies on use to spread the fluid along the screw. Using your home lift at least once a week will keep it lubricated, squeak free and happy!
  • Appropriate Use: make sure you think about what you are using it for and don’t let children or guests (or yourself!) play in the lift, as this can damage parts.
  • Passenger/Weight Limits: your lift will have a maximum weight allowed, shown on the platform control panel. Make sure you don’t exceed this by trying to squeeze one more person in!
  • Register your Warranty: you get 2 services a year included with your warranty, so get the most out of your lift by registering your warranty here.
  • Professional Checks: Invest in a maintenance package for your lift to supplement your checks and give you peace of mind.


What Can Gartec Do to Maintain my Lift?

Gartec offer a range of options to help out with your home lift maintenance. Upon installation, the handover you received should include a few useful hints and tips, but we know that every lift is different – you might be using yours every day or once a week, transporting wheelchairs and pets or using it for furniture and equipment.

Whatever you do, our nationwide network of service engineers give a thorough examination of all parts and mechanisms, and fix any issues early. Your lift has 2 years’ warranty as standard (which includes 2 services a year) so you can get a feel for what happens and if you would like to continue.


Maintenance Packages

No matter what you need your lift for, we have a range of maintenance packages to suit every budget and requirement – choose from a comprehensive maintenance package that includes all call outs, or a scaled down service plan with options to pay for visits, as and when required. At Gartec, we pride ourselves on fantastic service and let you know about every cost, change and action before we do it.

Gartec also provide a 24 hour breakdown line – regardless of home lift maintenance packages – to keep you safe when you need it most. You may want to look at other suppliers’ home lift maintenance offerings too – just remember to check that they can service your lift model, and that it doesn’t have any hidden costs. Key cost areas are usually parts, labour and call out cost, but keep an eye out for changing prices and availability during out-of-hours, like weekends.  Use a trusted or recommended supplier and if you want us to help out, double check or provide a lift health check, just get in touch.