How is a home elevator installed?

A home elevator is a simple and innovative way to solve issues of mobility and future proofing in your home. Whether you’re looking for the immediate benefit of an alternative to the stairs, or you want to make sure you don’t have to move as the years go by, the home elevator is a smart solution. Compact, versatile and designed to offer a range of aesthetic finishes, the home elevator benefits from easy installation that is quick and simple.

Designed to fit wherever you need it

Home elevators are incredibly well designed and can be installed without major structural changes or disruption. The minimum available floor area is 910 x 870mm to install the Aritco 4000, for example, and you can choose to position the lift wherever in the property it is the most useful. Unlike stairs, there’s no requirement to have the home elevator in a particular spot – you have complete control over where the lift is positioned, based on where it works best for you.

No cables or cabins

A traditional lift is incredibly space consuming. It has a cabin and is operated by cables, requires a safety pit beneath and needs a machine room to operate properly. The home platform lift is a totally different proposition, entirely self-contained in its own built-in shaft without the need for cables, a pit or a machine room. The home elevator can run between two and six floors, giving you broad flexibility about where it is installed and how far it travels.

Two-day installation

As the home elevator has been designed for simplicity, as well as great performance, it is very straightforward to install. After a consultation about your needs and the specifics of the building, a site visit ensures that when installation day comes there are no delays. All lifts are supplied as self-contained units and on site construction is minimised – Gartec’s lift installations typically take just two days, from start to finish.

Choose your aesthetics and function

You have complete control over the finish of your home elevator – you can choose to make it a standout design feature or ensure it blends seamlessly into your existing home décor. Choose the colours of the wall and the flooring, opt for a statement design wall, and use the Aritco SmartLift app to control the lighting to suit the space. Versatile, stylish and with great functionality, the home elevator is a real asset to any property.