How Much do Through Floor Lifts Cost?

What is a Through Floor Lift?

A through floor lift is a very general term, meaning a vertical lift that goes between floors. This covers the basic through floor lifts, associated with the name, and more advanced models, like those offered by Gartec which have extra features and a shaft included.

Basic through floor lifts include a lift car which sits on one floor at a time. When the lift is at the second floor, there is a space beneath the lift on the lower floor where the lift was, and 2 guide rails along the wall.

Advanced through floor lifts, like our 4000 and 6000 models, sit in a permanent shaft. The “L” shaped platform inside the shaft travels up and down and you can see the shaft (if visible). You can also sink into the wall so your lift becomes just another door in the hall – tidy!


How Much do Through Floor Lifts Cost?

All types of lift, just like with cars, offer optional extras and features that you may want, which will of course change the price – but we have some approximate figures to help you budget.

  • Traditional through floor lifts – the open sided block that sits on one floor at a time – cost in the region of £8,000 – £10,000+
  • Enclosed through floor lifts – like our 4000 and 6000, which include their own shaft – cost in the region of £14,000+
  • A stairlift (for comparison) is around £5,000 – £8,000 new, and is usually chosen due to cost, but is not suitable for a wheelchair user

Is a Through Floor Lift Right for Me?

When you’re looking at lifts for your home, make sure it is the lift you want. Remember it will be part of your home and you will have to live with it and see it every day.

Basic through floor lifts are quite simple and don’t offer a huge amount of freedom. You can often add a seat or change railings, but you generally need to work with the design as it comes. You can also usually only go between two floors which can be restrictive in larger properties, and normally carry 250kg.

Advanced through floor lifts – like our 6000 platform lift – give you huge freedom in design. You can travel up to 6 floors with 410kg, and sizes go as large as wheelchair and carer / 6 people. We can put doors on different sides, meaning the lift works around your property, and all our lifts come with their own shaft for enhanced safety. Get designing your lift with glass and colour options, bespoke button lettering, communication devices, flooring/carpets and bespoke wall art on the home lift – or tuck behind a wall for a subtle lift.

Why compromise?