How Much Does a Home Lift Cost?

If you’re looking to invest in a brand new home lift you may well be wondering how much you should expect it to cost. A platform lift will transform how you get around your home, future-proof your property as you progress into old age and add significant value, and as such it is not an altogether inexpensive addition.

However, they do represent fantastic value for money, but exactly how much money that is will depend on a range of different factors. These various considerations broadly split into two categories: the cost of the lift itself and the required building work included in the home lift cost.

Distance of travel

The Aritco range of home lifts are capable of travelling up to 13 metres and incorporating up to six stops, but a lift that is only designed to travel up one floor is going to cost considerably less than one that needs to travel the full 13 metres. What’s more, the more stops required, the more doors and door frames that are needed, and these cost slightly more than plain metal shaft panels.

Glazed lift shafts

Some of our customers prefer the shaft of their home lift to be glazed rather than made from metal panels for aesthetic reasons, however these glass panels are more expensive and add to the total home lift cost.

The types of doors

Both automatic and fire-rated doors can be incorporated into your home lift. Automatic doors are ideal for people who struggle with their mobility, while the fire-rated doors of course add an additional degree of safety.

Is a structural wall required?

For older properties especially, the addition of your home lift may require a structural wall to be built. A lifting beam or scaffolding may also be needed.

The age of the building may also impact on what sort of electrical work is required. The more extensive this is, the more expensive the installation could be. With the Aritco HomeLift you can start to design the style, size and details of your very own lift to provide you with an estimate of the price based on your specifications.

Speak to our team

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