How to design a luxury home

If freedom is the ultimate luxury then having complete control over the design and build of your home is perhaps the biggest luxury of them all. Building your own luxury home gives you the ability to create a space that works perfectly for your needs, from daily life, to relaxing and entertaining – and it’s not as challenging as it might seem.

Location, location, location

If you’re starting to design a luxury home from scratch then the location is the first decision. Choose a neighbourhood that serves your purposes and also one where there are other properties that will be of a similar value, should you ever want to sell. Consider factors such as views, proximity to travel or amenities, space for parking, gardens, swimming pools and what surrounding landscapes might require from the building in terms of privacy, security and safety.

Assemble a solid team

Once you’ve purchased the land on which you want to build, you need to find the team who will help bring your dream luxury home to life. You will likely need to employ an architect and a construction team, interior designers and lawyers and you may also need specialists in glass or masonry depending on the design of the property.

Start with the budget and stick to it

From the first moment you meet your team make it clear what the budget is and where the flexibility lies (or doesn’t lie). As you go through the process of approving plans and schedules make sure that every single detail has been costed up and that the budget is being continually adjusted. It’s very easy to get carried away building a luxury home and costs can spiral. However, it’s important to try to stick closely to the budget so that you don’t end up with a property that is worth less than you paid to build it.

A functional space

Sometimes, the temptation with a luxury home is to build a property that looks like a show home. However, you will get more pleasure from a building if you design it for both function and form. Think about functionality like a home lift, storage spaces, a top of the range kitchen and outside dining, as well as the decadent additions like the home gym, pool, basketball court and media room.

Indulge in luxury

What makes a property feel luxurious depends on your personal taste. However, the common themes among many luxury homes are space (e.g. large bedrooms, walk in wardrobes, sizeable dining areas and multiple ensuites), high quality, opulent materials and fabrics (marble, silk, gold) and top-notch interior design that is intuitive, luxurious and finished to a very high standard. Beyond that you can really let your imagination run wild.