How You Can Design Your Own Home Lift

As the home lift has become more of an interior design feature, the way in which you can adapt it for your own space has changed. Now, you can create a domestic lift that works for your home, whether you are retrofitting it into an existing building or working with an architect to create a design from scratch. Exceptional technology, smart foresight and collaboration with visionary Scandinavian artists and designers allow Gartec customers to design your own home lift – a high functioning piece of home tech, more like an individual work of art.

Construction and lift size

The new HomeLift from Gartec can be constructed to your precise specifications on every aspect of the build. Choose the number of floors over which the lift will run, as well as key construction aspects, such as whether the lift will have a ceiling and a back covering. The HomeLift range offers a choice of five lift sizes, from the smallest at 600 x 830 mm, to a mid range size at 1100 x 830 mm and the largest – 1100 x 1400 mm.

Aesthetic finish

A domestic lift used to be purely about functionality and numerous compromises were required when it came to aesthetic appeal. This is simply no longer the case as the HomeLift offers the opportunity to create a property feature that is a true asset to any design scheme. Design your own home lift by choose the type and size of glass that you opt for in the lift – or even whether you have any glass panels at all – and select from a range of different colours for the walls and doors of the lift, from a classic white or an elegant anthracite grey, through to a thoroughly contemporary moss green or jet black.

Interior style

Almost every aspect of the HomeLift can be tailored to produce a unique style feature, including the lit flooring and the Design Wall inside the lift. There are straightforward and classic styles or you can opt for something unusual, such as a city skyline. Even the light in the lift can be personalised to be set at any colour of the rainbow (this can also be changed at any time) and you can fine tune the details on each floor that the lift is passing through as part of the HomeLift design process.

If you’re looking for a domestic lift, individually tailored to your interiors, then the HomeLift has arrived.