How you can retrofit a lift in your home

Domestic lifts from Gartec have been specifically designed to be simple, fast and straightforward to fit. While more traditional home lift designs may require significant structural change – and the necessary disruption that large scale building works bring – designs available via Gartec are easy to retrofit with minimal fuss, whatever the design of your home. Whether you’re looking to future proof your property, add a value enhancing design feature or make a building more accessible, the process of retrofitting a home lift keeps disruption and cost to a minimum. Find out how you can retrofit a lift with us:


The process involved

A home lift is a fairly significant commitment so the process of buying a lift for your property provides plenty of opportunity for asking questions and reviewing options. An initial phone call will be used to set up a visit from Gartec to look at the space involved, before quotes and the model options can be provided. There’s then a discussion of what might be the best approach for the individual property, quotes are accepted and drawings signed off. After this engineers will make a pre-installation visit to ensure everything is prepared to retrofit a lift, before the installation takes place over a period of two to three days.


There are two options for home lift installation from Gartec – you can use your own builder or you can work with our experienced team. In either case, retrofitting domestic lifts should take no longer than two to three days and requires minimal disruption or structural change. Should you choose to use Gartec then you can be assured of consistency, as we use one company to carry out all works- including building, plumbing, electrical and carpentry. Contractors working on the installation understand Gartec products and levels of skill and expertise are high. If you opt for your own builder we will work with them to ensure they have all the information they need for simple installation – we also use cutting edge technology that allows architects and designers to visualise how a lift would look in their designs.

Gartec domestic lifts

There are a number of fantastic home lift options from Gartec, such as the Aritco HomeLift Compact, the smallest and most compact model, suitable for two people and designed with its own lift shaft to be almost free standing. The Aritco 6000 can hold up to six people, has a stylish glazed design and has been created to cater for wheelchair use. Whatever your needs there is a home lift for you, from simple stylish convenience and future proofing, to essential accessibility – and it’s easy to retrofit a lift in your home, so don’t panic!