Isla Keeps Independence with Lift in Adapted Extension

The Challenge

Nicky, James and their 4 year-old daughter, Isla, met with an Occupational Therapist to discuss adapting their home in Windlesham for Isla’s progressive genetic condition, Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

The family were planning a 2-storey extension to include an open plan kitchen, large living area, 2 bedrooms and accessible wet room – as well as a lift in the adapted extension.

The main priorities were:

  • Large lift for Isla to grow into
  • Stylish addition – not a ‘disabled’ look lift
  • Doors on different sides
  • Future electric wheelchair use


The Advice

Nicky, James & Isla called into our showroom to try the lifts after spotting us at a home exhibition. The couple were not keen on a through floor lift when discussing options with the Occupational Therapist – but were intrigued by our lifts.

Matt Akerman, our home lift expert, showed them round and discussed the extension project with Nicky and James.

“As soon as we saw the Gartec 6000 we knew it was going to be the right choice for making our home accessible to meet my daughters current and future needs, but also a beautiful addition to our home”

After seeing the 6000, the couple were inspired. The small footprint meant they could neatly include it in the extension, and the option of doors on different sides at each floor meant the lift could be positioned to make the design flow naturally.

Not being able to get under the lift was key as Isla is still young. A through-floor style lift meant worrying about her getting underneath, so the enclosed shaft was important. Matt advised them to get a larger size for the future too.


The Lift

Once the family had decided on the 6000, options were chosen. A large platform and 410kg capacity mean Isla can continue using it even if she needs an electric chair. Nicky said:

“The lift fits seamlessly into our extension, whilst being very quiet, easy to use for all the family and with multiple safety features”

A remote control will give Isla independence once she is old enough to travel alone.

The 6000 also meant they could have doors on different sides, meaning the lift fitted in the hallway space rather than opening into Isla’s bedroom.

“We worked closely to create a lift with the functionality they needed, as well as moving away from less attractive alternatives. The 6000 gave them all the options they needed – and matched their new extension”

Finally, Nicky and James completed the look using brushed steel rocker-switches instead of standard buttons, so it feels like a natural part of the extension.


The Result

The lift is tucked away and easy to miss – apart from Isla showing it to visitors!

Isla said all her friends are very jealous, and Nicky and James are thrilled that they didn’t have to compromise.

“Having the lift is already making day-today living so much easier and moving between floors is now stress-free”

The house is all set to give Isla everything she needs for the future and make life simple for the whole family.