What Makes Us Leading Lift Manufacturers?

As leading experts in the field of lift solutions, we can safely say we are the best British lift company for all types of domestic lifts. Choosing a high-quality, sustainable home lift from our impressive range of products will give you much better access and more convenience within the home you love.

We are not just experts in designing and manufacturing lifts; we also offer superb installation services. When you choose us you will get the following benefits as part of our amazing installation service:

  • Non-disruptive building work: We can give you the massive benefit of our innovative domestic lift products, which include clever internal drive system options for a super clean installation with no machine room. Most products take just a few days to install.
  • Smart, space-saving designs: You can install a domestic lift in almost any property type, whether that is a terraced house or a split level dwelling of any other kind. Our compact lift designs are what make us one of the best lift manufacturers around.
  • Safe and efficient installations: Our ace team has been operating in the industry for more than 25 years. We always do what is necessary for the utmost safety, minimal maintenance requirements and the longest-lasting installations possible.

When you get in touch with our talented, helpful team, you will see exactly why we are the best lift manufacturers in the UK. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our excellent lift products and to install your new domestic lift anywhere in the country.

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6 Things That Make Us the Best Lift Manufacturers

Our team have been pioneers in the field of lift manufacture, supply and installation, creating top domestic lifts that are ideal for British homes. Our home lifts not only provide convenience, safety and security, they also truly enhance your quality of life and give you complete peace of mind.

While the experience of using our lifts speaks for itself, we feel the following points are a huge part of what makes us renowned home lift providers – as well as a leading commercial elevator company and some of the finest lifting product innovators of all time:

  1. Sustainable materials: We use recyclable materials, including galvanised steel, for highly-sustainable home lifts. Our eco-friendly lifts are made with a Scandinavian influence and a focus on creating reliable products in the most ethical ways we can.
  2. Energy-efficient products: As part of our sustainability commitment, we endeavour to create a low impact product in your domestic lift. All lift mechanisms are efficient in terms of their energy usage, which is thanks to a patented screw and nut technology.
  3. Long-lasting products: British homes can add a tremendous bump to their potential rental or sale value by installing our innovative home lifts. They are as robust as any other feature of your home and will perform perfectly for many years to come. 
  4. Hassle-free installations: Our designs lend themselves very well to a fast, efficient installation, but our team can adapt to challenges with ease. We also provide products that can be installed within a few days.
  5. Creative designs: You can easily keep your new home lift hidden if this is what you want. Using our clever approaches, such as installations through stairwell voids or within sloping and vaulted ceilings, we can creatively adapt to your house design.
  6. Aesthetically pleasing lifts: We can deliver lifts with a look that will suit your home. With light, bright modern designs and a Scandinavian touch, you will be delighted by how well our domestic lifts can blend into their surroundings.

Our home lifts include options for dumbwaiters, platform lifts and stairlifts. Check out our brilliant range of home lifts for further information on the types of lifts we offer.

All of our lifts will make your home more accessible. If you are unsure about what design will work best, we will be happy to consult with you on the most suitable options for your home.

Install Home Lifts from Leading Lift Manufacturers

As pioneering manufacturers and talented installers of home lifts, we can easily find a lifting solution that will dovetail with your precise needs. If you desire better accessibility, easier convenience or simply a more impressive and higher-performance home, we can help.

Using our great value service for the design, installation and ongoing maintenance lets you take advantage of one of the leading lift manufacturers in the UK and a highly reputable company globally. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss installing a new domestic lift today.

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