LOLER for Lifts | Platform Lift LOLER Certification

What is “LOLER”?

LOLER, or the “Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998”, is a legal examination-based requirement covering any lifting equipment used in a workplace or public location.

“A thorough examination is a systematic and detailed examination of the lifting equipment by a competent person to detect any defects that are, or might become, dangerous.”

(HSE Guidance INDG422)

It involves a regular ‘thorough examination’ of your lifting equipment to ensure specific risks are not present, and LOLER certification is issued following each examination, which is a certificate you need to keep hold of.

The examinations must be carried out by an independent, competent and impartial person. This can be an employee, using a detailed, specific in-house examination scheme, but is much easier – and certain to be compliant – if done by an external company, such as Gartec.


What is covered by LOLER?

LOLER covers any equipment or machinery used to lift or lower loads, including passengers, in the workplace. For lifting equipment used only by the public (e.g. shopping centre), the LOLER examination scheme is a simple way to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


Do I need LOLER Certificates for my Platform Lift?

Yes. All passenger carrying lifts MUST have a LOLER exam and certification every 6 months by law. This includes all Gartec platform lifts and goods lifts.

You need an examination before the first use and following any damage or extended non-usage.


How can Gartec help?

Gartec are fully experienced with LOLER inspections, providing examinations for many of our customers either during service visits, or regularly when required. Ad-hoc lift LOLER inspections can be arranged any time with us, and a full certificate for your records will be provided.

When installing a lift, we complete a LOLER inspection during commissioning (before the first use and handover) so you’re covered. Our engineers are specially trained to provide LOLER inspections and LOLER certification on Platform Lifts and many Goods Lifts.


LOLER & Lift Servicing Packages

Each Gartec servicing package has a ‘plus’ option, which includes LOLER examinations each year to ensure your lift complies with the regulations. Just speak to our service department on 01296 459 071, or email, to discuss servicing, LOLER and how we can help.

For more information on LOLER inspections and your requirements, please visit the government HSE website.