How to Maximise Small Spaces

You may think that grand ideas are exclusive to grand spaces, but with a little imagination and lateral thinking, even the most humble-sized abode can be transformed into a multi-functional and stylish space. Here are just a few simple tips on how to maximise small spaces:


Keep it Light

A room doesn’t have to be big to feel spacious, decorating in lighter tones will give the illusion of space and make everything seem a little more open. Avoid lots of busy patterns and keep a neutral palette throughout. Reserve the colour splash for smaller things like cushions and lampshades, which can be switched around at low cost when you fancy a change.

Love Your Window

In most rooms, the window will be the main source of natural light, so help it perform its roll, by keeping it free from too much dressing. Pelmets and heavy curtains will dominate the room and make everything seem darker. Go for simple blinds or lighter fabrics that can be tied right back, and try not to put any big furniture in front of it.


It may sound obvious, but the less clutter you have in a space, the better you will be able to use it. Start off by having a clear out and getting rid of anything you no longer need. Next, take a look at your storage and see where you can introduce new ideas, such as window seats made from blanket chests or a coffee table with draws underneath. Even your knick-knacks will be taking up valuable space, so minimise what you put on display. Keep surfaces clear so you can use them when you need to.

Be Creative

There is no need to stick to convention, when it comes to your own home- you should do whatever it takes to make it a space that serves you well. Take a look around, with a fresh perspective and see how you can put all the nooks and crannies to good use. Hallways and landings are often dead spaces, when in fact they could house a desk or reading area, or extra storage.

Think ‘Up’

Your home is not just limited to floor space; walls can hold shelves and hooks for all number of things. Even the backs of doors can be used to hang coats and towels, and bookcases can be stacked on top of desks or each other. The more you use the walls, the more floor space you will have- just be careful not to over-do it.

Consider an Extension

If all else fails, it may be worth considering a way to extend your home, whether by increasing the size of your kitchen, adding an extra bedroom, or even just having a conservatory built – there are many options available that can be suited to different budgets. If you are living in a flat, it may be possible to change the layout. Whereas, a bungalow can possibly accommodate a second floor, using the attic space. In all instances you should do plenty of research and work with people you trust.