New Home Lift Showroom | NSBRC Home Lift & Centre

If you’re planning a self-build, renovation or extension at home, the NSBRC (National Self Build and Renovation Centre) in Swindon is a fantastic resource for every stage of your project!

Gartec are proud to be taking a large stand at the centre and help people like you with home projects across the country. Read on to find out more about the centre and our shiny new stand!


A Brand New Home Lift Showroom

Gartec are proud to announce a new home lift showroom area at the NSBRC! We’ve installed one of our smart HomeLiftsย at the centre – fully working for you to try out and see how it works.

Our stand is split into 2 halves. One side has a lift going up to a mezzanine level so you can see the door mechanisms, travel controls and movement, and what it’s like to really use the lift between floors. It has a stunning grey finish, with an art back wall added for a stylish and eye catching finish, showing some of the ideas our team love. There’s loads of options for you to pick from for your lift too.

The other side of the stand is our “Learning Zone”. From information about how our innovative platform lifts work, to all the sizes our lifts come in, you can learn a little more about our flexible and versatile home lifts. See how they might fit into your home design with our slideshow of inspiration, and take a seat with our home lift experts to discuss plans in depth or ask for advice.


Want to Try our Smart HomeLift?

Our home lift will be on the go and ready to use whenever the centre is open (details below!).

There’s also 3 fantastic exhibitions each year, where all the stands will be manned with experts in their field, ready to discuss specifics for your project and answer any questions you might have. Why not pop along to one of the shows in January, May or October to plan your project?


So What is the NSBRC?

The NSBRC is a partner owned centre just off the M4 in Swindon. It is the only permanent centre in the UK dedicated to providing advice and support for home projects. From products and services on display, to demonstrations, there is a whole host of ideas for your home.

There’s also a build guide journey, running through different systems and ideas for projects such as wall building options – with clear to follow information and cross sections for visual learners. From walls to windows, heating to ventilation, stairs to home lifts, there’s information and tools for every project.

If learning is your key aim, then the centre hold a variety of courses, seminars and learning events which could help you progress your project, or even learn to do some of it yourself.

Finally, the exhibitions (which run 3 times per year) give you the chance to speak to the real experts for each product, service or event, giving you the chance to ask questions and get information specific to your project.


Finding the Centre

Interested? Just use the details below to find and enjoy the NSBRC! Remember, it’s always free to get in so no surprises at the door.

National Self Build & Renovation Centre
Lydiard Fields
Great Western Way

Tuesday โ€“ Sunday, 10am โ€“ 5.30pm