Platform Lifts for Schools, Colleges and Education

Installing an access or wheelchair lift in an educational facility is a legal requirement when over multiple floors – for example, building regulations Part M and the Equality Act.

But when it comes to lifts for schools, it is also vital to understand safety features, requirements for use and (of course) budget, as well as these regulations.

With over 500 schools using Gartec platform lifts, we have probably worked on a project similar to yours – meaning we can make school access easy for you.




General Features

Gartec school lifts are open platform lifts – this means you stand on an L shaped platform and travel up and down the shaft, and when you look up you can see all the way to the top.

  • Up to 6 stops
  • Doors on any 2 sides at each floor
  • No oil pit, machine room or belts
  • Single touch call buttons, and hold to run buttons to move
  • 3 day installation with no building works
  • Installed in its own shaft (or in your existing shaft if required)
  • Very small footprint

Consider how the lift will be used (frequently? for equipment and people?) and who it is for (wheelchairs only? all students?) to make sure you get the right lift.


Safety Features

Gartec School Lifts come as standard with fantastic safety features:

  • Safety edge – stops lift when pressure applied to edge strips
  • Cannot get underneath platform
  • Emergency stop button
  • Intercom, phone or autodialler to communicate in emergency
  • Emergency battery lowering system
  • Optional key locking – only those with a key can call and open the lift
  • Shaft lighting as standard for visibility
  • 24 hour breakdown line



Usage and Requirements

Platform lifts are ideal as school lifts, so it is easier to look at where they are not suitable!

There are certain building features that would make a larger lift (conventional lift) more suitable:

  • If you need to travel over 6 floors / 13m
  • If the lift will be used more than once every 2 minutes



As with everything, cost is a big factor. Our platform lifts are a great mid-range solution, starting at around £13,000.

Platform lifts come into their own when it comes to lifetime costs. With annual servicing packages from £300, optional LOLER certificates, and a spare parts department on hand, we’re here to keep your lift running.



Put your lift almost anywhere! With a small footprint, and option to install inside or outside, there is always a way. With free school lift site visits, we can advise on best locations as well.

As Gartec platform lifts are able to have doors on multiple and different sides at each floor, an external to internal lift is easy.

We can install our lifts with the included shaft, or put the lift into your existing shaft too. All we need is a hole in the floor!