Gartec Feature on BBC2’s ” Building Dream Homes”

Gartec were very proud to be a part of the home renovation show “Building Dream Homes”, with an installation of our very own home lift; the Aritco 6000. The project itself, involved a complete renovation for a lady called Marianne, who started out as project manager on the site, being filmed by BBC 2. Unfortunately disaster struck when Marianne fell seriously ill and was rushed to hospital, where she stayed for over two months. The renovation build continued in her absence, and sadly when she finally left, she was unable to walk. This is where our lift installation came into their renovation, as they had not previously planned to have a domestic lift installed.

Home Lift Installation

Marianne and her husband decided to have the larger domestic lift model installed; The Aritco 6000, with Marianne most concerned they would need the extra capacity to carry wine up to the kitchen! The spacious Aritco 6000 lift, was ideal for this project, as a way of future-proofing Marianne and her husbands’ home, giving them the ability to easily move heavy objects from floor to floor. The home lift also adds a desirable element of luxury to their home, as viewers soon realise this build was all about a stylish and modern home being created.

From the start of this project, their purpose was to create a stylish, contemporary home and due to unfortunate circumstances, their needs changed slightly through the build. The Aritco 6000 home lift not only provided the additional element of modern and unusual, to their home, it was a practical solution to their new circumstances, allowing Marianne to have access to her fabulous home, wherever she was.

Watch more about the installation here;