Should I Get a Home Lift with a Shaft?

With so many home lift options available, it can be confusing deciding which is the right lift for you. Gartec Home lifts all come with their own enclosed shaft – we’re going to explore this feature and why you may (or may not!) want to opt for a home lift with a shaft.


What is a Home Lift Shaft?

A home lift shaft is the (usually) rectangular, solid enclosure that wraps around the entire lift – exactly like a large lift you see in a shopping centre. A complete shaft encloses the lift from top to bottom, as with Gartec home lifts. The image to the right shows a home lift enclosed in it’s own shaft.

These lifts may be open platform lifts (so you can see all the way to the top of the shaft when you stand in the lift) or cabin style lifts, which are like standing in a box but still have the same shaft design on the outside.



A home lift with a shaft is a much safer choice than without a shaft. The shaft means that people, pets and random objects cannot get underneath the lift at all. Not being able to get underneath means no squashing or getting trapped. Being enclosed means nothing can be stuck outside of the lift during travel either so it is the safest way to travel at home.

The enclosed shaft means that when the lift is travelling, there is no way you can get in the path of the lift as there is a protective ‘tube’ around it. This means you cannot be run down – or trip over any parts.

Being an enclosed shaft also means other great safety features are possible, like safety edges. The edges of the standing area have a push-down strip, which stops the lift when pressed. This means no trapped fingers or items – simple!

Laws and regulations also mean that as an open platform lift (like our 4000 and 6000 models) the controls are constant pressure so you stop when you let go. This means you can change your mind half way through travelling!


But how do I get out in an emergency?

Don’t worry – lifts with enclosed shafts come with emergency battery lowering which takes you to the nearest floor. There are also battery controls on the outside of the lift for someone to lower it manually. These have to be fitted to enclosed shaft lifts for safety under British Standards and regulations, so you get a safer home lift as standard.


Style and Design

A fully enclosed shaft around your home lift means you have a set area for designing your lift.

The shaft can be tucked away or put on show, and always contains the entire lift. You can easily make the lift look like just another door by sinking it into a wall so only the door is visible – or make the shaft part of the design. Coloured panels or glass panels in different tints give you huge freedom in design to match your home!

By having an enclosed shaft, the lift becomes a contained structure that you can design and decorate however you like. Our gallery is full of great ideas.



Gartec home lifts use a modular shaft design, which makes for a very quick installation time. By building up the lower parts of the shaft and adding the machinery step by step, we don’t need building works, scaffolding or messy construction work. The lower part of the shaft supports the next level as we build up.

Best of all, it only takes 2-3 days!