Three Ways to Easily Make Your Home Accessible this Christmas

Christmas is the time of year where the whole family gets together, but for older people the increased difficulty of getting around in the colder weather can make travelling to see relatives a daunting prospect.

However there are a number of relatively easy and inexpensive ways you can make your own home accessible this Christmas, without needing to get the builders in!

Install a temporary ramp

If a relative who requires the use of a wheelchair is going to be visiting this Christmas, then you might need to invest in a wheelchair ramp to ensure they’re able to get in and out of your front door safely.

They range in price from around £30 up to nearer £200, depending on the size and weight capacity you require.

Install temporary grab bars

Getting in and out of your house is one of the primary challenges for older relatives, even if they don’t require a wheelchair.

Grab rails can be purchased for under £10 online and can be fitted easily to the exterior of your property, next to doors or along walkways. Typically made from steel, grab rails are incredibly strong and durable, and will even make it safer for younger members of your family to get in and out of the house in wet or slippery conditions if you choose to keep it after your older relatives have left.

You can also buy grab rails for the bathroom next to the toilet, bath and shower. Again, these are available for less than £10 each, although we’d recommend checking out the reviews before buying as they often fix to the wall with suction cups that are less secure than exterior grab rails.

Tidy up and clear walkways

If you’ve got a busy home at Christmas time then it’s likely that it’s also quite untidy, with toys, wrapping paper and Christmas decorations all cluttering up the house.

This clutter can provide a trip hazard and generally make it more difficult for older relatives to get around the property. With this in mind, make sure you clear walkways as much as possible, as well as keep corridors and rooms as tidy as possible.

Looking for something more permanent?

If you’re looking to the future and would like to implement a much more permanent solution for improving accessibility in your home, either for a relative or a less able future self, then why not consider a home lift?

Here at Gartec, our range of Aritco home lifts can travel up to 13m and incorporate a maximum of six stops, ensuring it can reach the top of most domestic properties and making any home accessible this Christmas.

To find out more about the benefits of installing a home lift, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team on 01296 397100.