5 Top Home Gadgets that You Should Own

For many of us, gadgets have become integrated into everyday life. They make certain tasks less arduous, and have taken the world of entertainment to a whole new level. Everything is now smarter, sleeker and more efficient. Here are 5 top home gadgets that make great additions to any home:


Coffee Machine

Whether you like it short and strong, long and frothy, or super-skinny-decaf-mocha-latte – there is nothing quite like being able to make your morning fix in the comfort of your own home. The best part is that there are so many amazing coffee machines out there; you are guaranteed to find one to suit your budget and your barista skills (or lack thereof).


Sound Bar

It is no secret that the majority of televisions have pretty rubbish built-in speakers. Which is ridiculous when you consider how much the quality of the picture has improved. Enter the Sound Bar – the ideal solution to any audio quandary, with the potential to hook up your entire home into one great big sound system. Depending on your needs/wants and budget, you can get anything from simple sound bar that sits in front of your TV, or a super-smart option with built in wifi and Bluetooth that you can control via your phone or tablet.


Home Lift

Mobility solutions have come on tenfold in recent years, with fewer stigmas and more focus on exciting technology and design. It’s not just about the present either – you can now future-proof your home with its very own inbuilt platform lift, that doesn’t cost the Earth. Everything is customisable too, with aesthetics finally being seen as important as function. What better way to stay in the house you love, whilst also increasing its value.


Smart Thermostat

Imagine being able to save huge chunks off your heating bills while remotely controlling your home’s temperature from your smart phone. Or better still, not having to lift a finger while still saving money. The Smart Thermostat allows just that. They use everything from motion sensors to weather reports, to ensure that your heating is never on unless it needs to be. They are quick learners too – taking note of your schedule and manual adjustment habits so you can soon forget they are even there. Now that is smart.



Arguably more of a novelty than an essential item, but supremely clever nonetheless – the iKettle is the ultimate home gadget for anyone who loves technology for its own sake; and hot beverages of course. This nifty device connects to your phone’s network, from which you can remotely instruct it to turn on and heat you up some water to a range of hot temperatures. It can even keep it hot until you’re ready. Just remember to fill it up first!