Top 6 Interior Design Blogs to Follow

Interior design can be a bit of a minefield of patterns, textures and colours – but there are some fantastic interior design blogs out there that can help you edit your style and create the perfect space in your home! Many interior design blog suggestions just look at the most popular, but we’ve created a list that includes something for everyone. Whether you like pictures or stories, whether you are disabled, working on a budget or like it minimal, there’s one here for you!

Take a look at our favourite 6 interior design blogs and see what spaces you can create…

1. Interior Style Hunter Blog

The luxury pick: Go to Interior Style Hunter Blog >>

Looking for a bit of luxury? Then look no further – the Interior Style Hunter interior design blog looks at the top design concepts and ideas for making a luxury home come to life.

Best Bits

  • Luxury picks and design ideas without pushing too many products (there is a whole section for products!)
  • Section about design rules and principles
  • Lovely photography highlights design


2. WheelChicHome Blog

The disabled pick: Go to WheelChicHome Blog >>

WheelChicHome looks at interior design with a difference – taking into account wheelchair accessibility! The brilliant tag line sums it up – “Fabulous Disabled Friendly Interiors”, and Vicki documents everything from travel-inspired design to picking stylish disabled-friendly items as she adapts her home for her husbands wheelchair requirements. There are also plenty of advice and inspiration articles about trends, colours and designs.

Best Bits

  • Tips for making designs disabled friendly, as well as general design ideas
  • Vicki keeps it light and funny and tells a great story
  • Great product picks


3. BritDecor Blog

The colour palette pick: Go to the BritDecor Blog >> 

Mike Ahearn takes a relaxed and easy-to-read approach to his interiors blog, with a very British approach. Mike talks about colour a lot and puts forward lots of colour palettes with products to finish off the look. Mostly images, this blog has a bit of light reading and a huge range of different styles and designs to look at.

Best Bits

  • Colour palettes galore – great way to visually pair with product ideas
  • Lots of different interior design styles are covered
  • Iconic photography focusing on interior elements


4. Amber Interiors Blog

The pictures pick: Go to Amber Interiors Blog >>

A picture says 1,000 words…

Amber Interiors is an interior design studio, and doesn’t offer a traditional blog. The site uses high quality photography of recent projects to showcase great design and ideas. If you prefer to scroll through images to get your inspiration, this is the one for you!

Best Bits

  • Fantastic photography accentuates the designs
  • Quite easy to copy the styles
  • Clean, fresh and modern design


5. Very Me Interiors Blog

The budget interiors pick: Go to Very Me Interiors Blog >>

The Very Me Interiors blog is full of energy and colour, and is fun to read! Anne Marie looks at how to DIY, and there’s everything from products to tips to interesting things. The photography is light and bright, and she loves a splash of colour.

Best Bits

  • Low cost ideas and tips to do it yourself
  • Seasonal and trending styles on a budget


5. Mad About the House blog

The award-winning pick: Go to Mad About the House Blog >>

We weren’t going to include Mad about the House as it is recommended everywhere, but the combination of a huge range of topics, and the glittering award shelf that writer Kate Watson-Smyth must have, makes this a bit of a must-read. It has a bit of everything, and with regular updates we’re just waiting to see what comes next…!

Best Bits

  • Regularly updated
  • Everything from top picks for furniture to how to stars style their homes
  • Modern design picks as well as traditional or alternative choices


6. Hannah in the House Blog

The minimalist pick: Go to Hannah in the House Blog >>

Hannah in the House is another popular blog. Hannah focusses on minimalist, scandinavian design and includes lots of white with accent colours. If you like what you see, there’s even a section on travel in Scandinavia!

Best Bits

  • Minimalist design and Scandinavian influences
  • Lots of wishlists and product inspiration


Last but not least…

Don’t forget to check the Interior Design section of the Gartec Blog to see what inspiring design principles and useful tips we’ve picked up – and our newsletter is always packed full of the top decor picks for the month.