What is the DFG? | Home Adaptations Funding

With a host of home adaptations funding options for disability, we take a look at the DFG and how this could make life easier for you, a family member, resident or tenant.


So, What is the DFG?

The DFG, or Disabled Facilities Grant, is a government funding program. It offers those with a new disability that fit a certain criteria, funding for adapting or changing their home to help with the changes and difficulties that the specific disability can cause. The idea is to help people stay in their own home, rather than have to move. This helps the government and NHS reduce the need for care homes and domicillary care, and also makes those with disabilities more comfortable than having to uproot their life.

It is a “means tested” grant, which analyses your income, disability and requirements to determine whether you can get it.


What Disabilities Apply for the DFG?

The main disabilities that the DFG covers are:

  • Physical disability
  • Mental health disorders
  • Impairment of senses (sight, speech, hearing)
  • Learning difficulties


What can the DFG be Used For?

The DFG (Disabled Facilities Grant) can be used for a huge number of things to make your home more suitable. This could be accessibility, such as a ramp, stairlift or home lift. It can be adaptations, such as making a ground floor living area or extension, widening doorways and providing bathroom space. Making lighting and heating more suitable or user friendly can be included, as well as making particular rooms more user friendly, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

There are many options dependent on what is required to make life easier at home. This can be renovations and home improvement, as well as equipment and tools, so the list is endless!


How Much Can I Get from the DFG?

The DFG will offer a maximum of £30,000 for home adaptations based on means testing. It is based around household income and any savings over £6,000. If the DFG offer money, it is either paid as a lump sum, or in instalments as the project goes on. This won’t have an effect on any other benefits you receive.

The DFG can also supply labour or materials as well as funding work.


How Do I Get Funding from the DFG?

To apply for the DFG, contact your local authority housing department (part of the local council). An Occupational Therapist will visit your home to help assess requirements.

You will need to supply quotes for the work and the grant application to the Local Authority, who have 6 months to respond to the application.

Find out more about the DFG on the government website by clicking here.