What to Do if You’re Stuck in a Lift


This may be a lot easier said than done, but doing your best to refrain from panicking will really help you to get through the situation, as well as those around you. Our minds and bodies are amazing things and we are built to survive – we just need to take control. Focussing on the breath instantly calms the mind and will help the body to function properly. Try counting in and out for 4, breathing through your nostrils. Just tell yourself that this will pass; it is only temporary.



All lifts should have an alarm or call button or handset that will alert authorities in the building of a problem. More often than not, a technician will be able to fix the lift. In more difficult situations, emergency services may get involved. Either way you should leave the rescue to the experts and stay put until the end.

If the call button in the lift does not work then use your phone to ring the emergency services and explain the situation.



If there are other people in the lift with you, try initiating some kind of game to take everyone’s minds off the situation while you wait for help. Encourage them to stay calm and keep things light-hearted, avoiding negativity. Confined spaces can be difficult to deal with when you think you are stuck, so avoid any confrontation or emotional triggers.

If you are alone, or prefer not to talk to anyone then keep yourself occupied by any means. Just don’t drain your phone battery.



It may be tempting to mimic action heroes and plan your escape route, but leaving the lift can be one of the most dangerous things you can do. Preserve your energy and sit calmly until help arrives.