Equality Act Lifts and DDA Lifts

The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) was the original regulation around making buildings accessible for the disabled, created in 1995. The DDA was centred around creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities for example, jobs, transport and education. The DDA became the Equality Act in 2010, which moved from focussing on provisions for people with disabilities, to making equal opportunities and access for everyone.


Complying with all the building regulations, laws and acts can be complicated – but when it comes to accessibility and equality, Gartec have you covered.

Originally, DDA lifts were solely for wheelchair users to access top floors. The Equality Act means that lifts can be used by any building user. Technically, a DDA Lift does not exist as the regulations have changed – but you may often hear this phrase in relation to organising a wheelchair suitable lift.


What is an Equality Act Lift?

An Equality Act lift is a lift that will allow any user (within practical reason) to enter, use and exit the lift. This could be someone in an electric chair, a person with a buggy or child, an elderly person with a walking frame, or an ambulant person.


Gartec have a range of lifts that are suitable for access requirements, and a team of experts on hand to provide advice around the legislations.

Our Equality Act lifts are ideal for almost any building – whether you need an external lift to save space, or a traction lift to give a familiar lift feel.

Don’t forget, our lifts also comply with Building Regulations (please speak to a member of our team) and a range of other requirements to make building access simple for you.