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A home lift installation will revolutionise the way you live your life at home. With our high-quality domestic lifts that make use of clever designs and innovative lift technology, you will get a future-proof solution for long-term mobility. We have a wide range of residential lifts, so you can get the perfect one no matter what type of property you may have.

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About Our Home Lift Installation Services

We also use fewer materials and clever enclosureless designs for many of our domestic lifts, so home lift prices are much lower than conventional lift installations. By choosing us you will also get the benefits of our leading installation service:

  • Fast installations: We have over 25 years of experience in site surveys, planning, designing, installing and maintaining many types of lifts, including both commercial and domestic lifts. As a result, we can install your lift very quickly and efficiently. Our team is knowledgeable and can easily adapt to any unique challenges that may arise.
  • Options for most budgets: Though we only install the most reliable, trustworthy and high-performance designs, we also offer highly-competitive lift prices – so you can almost always install a residential lift cost-effectively. Our home lift designs provide perfect functionality without the price tag of a commercial lift.
  • Attractive lift installations: We understand your need for an aesthetically-pleasing lift design at home. Thankfully, we create our floor lifts, platform step lifts and all other models with modern and sleek design principles in mind. Many of our lifts use glass and metal too, so they are good lifts for blending into both modern and period homes.

We can install service lifts for food and goods, step lifts for small staircases and even passenger lifts at home. With a wide range of lift designs to choose from, fast installations and wonderful designs, we are the best choice for home lift installations in the UK. You will change your life and liberate yourself at home with our smooth installations, so get in touch with us to find out more.

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Which is the Best Type of Installation in My Home?

The best type of lift for your home is the one that will most suit your needs, but luckily there is a wide variety of products within the Gartec Home Lift range. The type of lift you need might be manifold, so we offer lots of options for a lift at home to help with the following daily activities:

  • Take a wheelchair user upstairs: If you need to get up a straight staircase we can install a Gartec Platform Stair Lift that lets you go upstairs without using a separate seat. This economical, space-saving design is excellent for small staircases at home. 
  • Travel by yourself between floors: If you would like to roll into a lift and travel to multiple floors then the Gartec HomeLift Compact lift is our smallest accessible lift with a slim shaft enclosure and integral electrical cabinet.
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  • Take goods upstairs: If you are living with limited mobility you may find moving goods upstairs is a common problem. In this case, the Dumbwaiter Lift will help you to move food, laundry and more. The Dumbwaiter lift can easily handle up to 150 kg.
  • Travel with a carer between floors: If you need a house lift that can take multiple people, our residential lifts have the potential to rival a passenger lift. In this case, the Gartec HomeLift Access will take 2 passengers up to 6 floors, so travel with a carer is simple.
  • Take, goods, passengers or yourself between floors: For the ultimate lift at home the Gartec Home Platform Cabin Lift is the best choice. The cabin lets you transfer people, goods and yourself, in a wheelchair or other mobility equipment, up 5 floors.

Whatever type of lift you require, we include many safety features and clever innovations such as automatic sliding doors, infrared sensors and other smart lift technology – so you will find a reliable solution to your mobility issues. Our home lifts are also very energy-efficient, so you can run your lift without ever having to worry about bills or your impact on the environment either!

Get in Touch to Start Your Fast, Efficient House Lift Installation

You can easily install a lift at home very quickly, conveniently and non-disruptively with our hassle-free service. We pride ourselves on being very easy to work with and can advise you on the best lift choices for your situation. Our quality lift installation services deliver functional, attractive residential lifts for people looking for a long-term solution to their mobility needs.

We always want to do the right thing, so we are a trustworthy partner for your new installation. If you are looking for a brand new home lift or an upgrade, we can help with our brilliant, efficient house lift designs. Our domestic lifts keep your home feeling like a home and look wonderful too, so they will add value to your property. Simply get in touch with us today to learn more.

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