Lift Replacement, Refurbishment and Removal

Are you are looking for your lift to be replaced or removed?

Are you refurbishing your office or place of work? Does your lift within your business need updating? We help customers every year to replace their lift with our range of latest products, giving you full accessibility or goods lifting advantages whilst meeting the latest required standards.

The lifecycle of a lift can be improved with regular servicing and maintenance, however as with all machinery there comes a time when it may need to replaced, with newer technology and features to meet latest standards and to improve on cost-efficiency.

We are offering a free survey and a free quotation, with no obligation. If you are happy to go ahead we can help with design and sizing options, drawings, complete removal, installation and after-care. Call us on 01296 397100 for further information.

When is it time to replace our lift?

In most cases, lifts are an essential part of the building and require to be running at all times, for people who rely on using the lift to move between floors or for goods movements within spaces such as retail, for instant car or bike showrooms. With frequent use over time, components can begin to wear down and require maintenance and parts to ensure they are in full working order.

However, once the lift has reached the end of its lifetime, we can provide full services to remove and dispose of your all lift as well as installing your new lift, with the effective after care to keep it running for as long as possible. Additionally, we are now able to offer 5 year part warranty on our Aritco platform lifts and 10 year screw and nut technology as long as it is regularly maintained by our Gartec Servicing engineers.

It can be difficult to put an age on a lift, but typically they can last 10-15 years plus, although this can be less if not regularly maintained, through frequent usage, or harder wearing environments. If you think your lift may need to be replaced or removed soon, the signs to look out for include a number of frequent breakdowns, unusual lift behaviour such as noises, problematic door opening issues, older discontinued parts, or general wear where the lift is looking tired or damaged.

All of these signs may mean it is time to replace your lift with newer technology, better safety features and opt for a more modern design. It can be easier than you think to remove and replace, as Gartec takes a lot of the work away with our full turnkey service that we offer.

Our lift needs replacing now, what happens next?

You’ve decided its time to replace your lift, whether its because of one of the signs above or you are refurbishing your business or place of work, we are here to help.

Firstly, contact us to discuss removal of your existing lift and replacing it with one of our platform lifts, our friendly team can discuss all the options that we offer and what would be right for your and the environment. We can arrange a visit to discuss, measure and understand more about the project and begin initial discussions, quotations and drawings. Once you are happy to go ahead, we can place the order for your new lift and discuss suitable timescales. Our platform lifts can be installed as quick as within one week!

Please contact us on 01296 397100 or at to find out more.