What is LOLER Training?

LOLER training reduces the chances of danger in a workplace lift. LOLER training courses are a form of awareness training. Learn more about it here.

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Regulations awareness:

The first thing you will get from your LOLER training course is awareness of the lifting equipment regulations. A multiple choice test is a common method of assessing this awareness, and you will get a certificate upon completion.

Risk assessment training:

Another important part of LOLER training is learning to understand when lifting equipment is faulty. This means risk awareness training on the particular equipment you will use and other safety considerations.

Equipment use and maintenance:

LOLER training will also teach you how to choose the most appropriate equipment for the type of lifting you require, such as a trolley lift for a catering business, or a platform lift for a care home or multi-storey car park.

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LOLER Regulations and Training Highlights

The HSE is very strict about the regulations on their website, but they can be quite broad and will change substantially depending on the application of your lifting equipment. This is because there is no point in having training on a piece of heavy industrial machinery when you will only be using a basic catering lift.

When you go through the LOLER training course that’s relevant to your specific field, you will learn the following:

How to plan:

Your LOLER training course will first and foremost make sure you know the regulations for safety in your field, such as automotive, and the best way to prepare for a lifting operation, such as raising a car for repair or servicing in a garage.

How to examine equipment:

Examining equipment for things like maximum load capacity before use, during installation or in certain weather conditions – such as in the construction trade when working outside.

How to undertake lifting operations:

This involves health and safety practices, such as ensuring there is initial planning by a competent person, appropriate supervision for the type of lifting operation being done, and knowledge on how to carry it out in the safest way.

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LOLER Training Costs

LOLER training courses vary in cost. However, the more accredited and detailed courses, such as those in the heavy machinery and construction trade, are more expensive. The likelihood is that most professionals will have additional training requirements, with LOLER training being just a small part and a foundation for a complete trade qualification, so overall costs can be a lot higher.

Make Sure Your Lifts Are LOLER Certified

LOLER regulations are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive, an official UK government body. As a result, there is the potential for severe financial penalties in your business if you use lifting equipment that does not meet the LOLER standards or has untrained personnel.

Our highly-qualified lift engineers have undergone LOLER training and many other lift engineering safety initiatives, for robust installations, certifiable maintenance and long-lasting repair work. Get in touch with us today to install, maintain or fix a lift to the LOLER standards.

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