5 Signs You Should Invest In A Lift

Is it Time to Buy a Lift?

Installing a lift for your business or commercial premises has always been seen as something of a luxury. The traditional perception is that the addition of an elevator is too costly and disruptive to be available to all but those businesses with money to burn. However, in recent years technology has provided solutions (such as those available at Gartec) to the need for business lifts that are just as effective and aesthetically appealing as a conventional lift but with a smaller footprint, easy installation and a lower cost. If you’ve been considering investing in this new technology then there are some very good reasons why any commercial environment could benefit from a lift.

  1. Your office is not accessible to anyone with a disability. Requirements brought in with the Equality Act 2010 to make premises as easy to use for anyone with a physical disability as without, mean that solutions need to be found to obstacles such as stairs and steps. Lifts are an easy way to meet these legal requirements with easy, short installation resulting in efficient access to all floors for all staff and customers.
  1. There are issues with safety or large items that regularly need to move between floors. Installing a platform lift in business premises reduces the opportunity for accidents to take place on the stairs and also provides a means for transporting heavy items from one floor to another without the risk of injury.
  1. Your business is multi floor. Lifts ensure that every floor in the building is available to everyone who walks through the door and that can make a big difference to the perception of how well-organised and forward thinking your business is. A well designed lift is an impressive feature to visitors who arrive at your premises and provides a far better environment in which to introduce guests to your business than making them climb several flights of stairs.
  1. You’re missing out on customers or clients. Competition in the business world is fierce and, in addition to the legal requirements mentioned above, if your business is not accessible to all then the simple fact is that you could be missing out on customers or clients as a result. Boost your appeal and your income by installing a lift.
  1. You want to improve employee perception. Installing a lift in business premises is a clear sign to employees that the business not only cares about bringing in customers but also about the safety and comfort of employees. As part of a broader strategy, a lift can provide a boost to morale and loyalty, showing that an employer wants to provide a genuinely accessible, safe and pleasant working environment.